Omaze 'million pound house'

having seen so many of these adds on tv i decided to take a punt today £10 gives you 15 entries , i know i wont win it but hey what the hell

if you did enter and win what would you do , sell the house and be an instant millionaire, or let it out and have an income for life

id definately sell the car that goes with this one i dont like it lol

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Got a link to it?

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Entering these raffles (usually car competitions or tech/cash bundles) is a guilty pleasure of mine. I try to never spend more than £10 a month though. Can be life changing if you win!


yeah i wouldnt spend more than £10 i know i have no chance but if i did it would certinaly be life changing :slight_smile:

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I kept meaning to check this out - see a lot of adverts online about it.

I tend to spend more than that a month on lottery tickets, and the omaze draws seem to not be every month - but every quarter or so (the Cornish house draw wont be until Aug) I might as well take a punt on that instead of lotto for a few weeks (especially as the ridiculously high jackpot from the Euromillions was won earlier this week - so it’s not worth playing for only £14m :slight_smile: )


Sounds like those where you can win a supercar.

Equally another thing you could never afford the upkeep / maintenance of so you’ll need to sell it. I’d rather just be given the cash in the beginning :smiley:


If I did win that house - I hope it comes fully furnished because there’s no way all my furniture would be enough for it though!

Whenever I do entry these sort of competitions/raffles (Autotrader are doing a free raffle for a new car each month atm) I do daydream about what I’d do if I won - would I sell or would I keep it? My head would definitely be saying sell it but my heart would be saying ‘Yes, but it’s so nice…’.

With the house, I’d probably keep it for a month to have a nice holiday in it. And then sell. For £3m you could sell that, buy another home for £1m and still have a very nice amount of cash left over…

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i thought about it and IF i did win it id be in the same situation , a nice littler earner for my pension , or sell it , phone my boss and say i dont fee like comming in today , in fact i dont feel like comming in ever again lol

Just looking at the grounds around the house you would need to hire someone to maintain these.

We moved to a house that has a fairly large garden and using a normal lawn mower took hours. So we looked at a ride on mower - some of these cost as much as a small car :scream:

Imagine how much the utilities are, council tax etc…

Sell or keep a £3m house is a nice position to be in nonetheless :laughing:

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you will know if im looking for a gardener then i won lol

ohhh it comes furnished

Grand Prize Prize Draw - Grand Prize : The Grand Prize Winner will receive (i) the home advertised and described on the Prize Draw webpage here, which is located in Cornwall (the “ Property ”) (approximate retail value (“ ARV ”): £3,000,000 GBP), including home furnishings (ARV: £150,000 GBP); and (ii) the Property’s home furnishings (ARV: £150,000 GBP); and (iii) £50,000 GBP for first year running costs associated with the Property ((i) - (iii) collectively the “ Grand Prize ”). Actual value of the Property depends on market fluctuations. Omaze will settle the following taxes and costs incurred by the winner of the Grand Prize in relation to their acceptance and use of the Grand Prize: stamp duty land tax and reasonable conveyancers fees. Any other taxes, costs, and fees associated with the Grand Prize will be the sole responsibility of the Grand Prize Winner.


£50,000 for first year running costs? £50k per year running costs! Crikey.

Ok, I’ll be staying for 11months, 3 weeks.


Without a mortgage, what is costing £4k a month?

maybe you get ‘staff’

I’d sell it right away, can’t afford upkeep.

I am a sucker for Make me a winner on Kiss FM though :sweat_smile:


yeah my heart would be to sell it right away , my head would say listen your not getting any younger in fact your an ole fat fart thats your pension income , but then there is all the hassle with renting it out so prob better selling it and calling my boss and saying see how i only work 4 days well now im working zero days lmao :smiley:


At the moment, that’s about the running costs for keeping the lights on…


I’d keep it, and move away from being London adjacent. There is no way it will actually cost £50k to keep running so that’s some nice extra cash :grin:

I could use some of my old mortgage payment money to hire a gardener and feel so fancy :heart:


Queue Desperate Housewives theme tune :dancer:t3::joy:

This is exactly how I’d love to live :sweat_smile: just not sustainable at all.