Cash withdrawal - Post Office (fail)

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So thought I’d give this a whirl - Tried to make a cash withdrawal from the post office. My understanding is they just charge your card at the counter via the chip and pin machine then hand over the moola (note this works fine with my HSBC Visa debit) - but my masterful plan was thwarted! No money was to be issued this day sadly. The cashier explained it was because it was a MasterCard, which confused me even more - would love some feedback… or an explanation…?

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found by searching post office top right hand corner for subject

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whoops sorry - Mods can you remove this thread from a housekeeping perspective please :slight_smile: I was being a donut!

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“we” don’t really have “Moderators” except for Monzo Staff for when posts get a bit out of hand and get flagged by the great Monzo Community users - which happens once in a blue moon - thankfully - no problems though repeat posts happen a lot :wink: always good to do a search for what you are asking first :slight_smile:


it was not due to it being a MasterCard but down to Monzo not paying money to Post Office for this service