POLL: Should Monzo issue chequebooks?

I say Monzo should NOT produce cheques but some community members say they should so lets put that idea out of the way with a quick poll:


  • NO
  • yes
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Interesting choice of upper/lower case for your pool Richard🤔

More seriously though regarding cheques, I think they should be optional. Not everyone would want or need one.


How not to poll. Questioner gives opinion, and emphasises his opinion in options.


I would like to see cheques as there are still a few places and for services I need. I maybe only write 4/5 a year, but without them I’d be stuck.


I can’t see myself needing a cheque with a bank of the future. #ChequesAre4Legacy


I think you could print cheques as you need them :thinking:


I’ve heard the idea that a cheque can be written on anything if it’s signed… not sure that was ever true though… there must be something not fakeable that makes it a cheque.

Postal orders exist for occasional cheque use though. I never had a chequebook for my FD account and never missed it (I had a separate natwest account for paying them in until they closed the branch).

Cheques still have their place. My children’s school for example, will only accept a cheque for things such as after school clubs, lunch money and school trips.

I think the thing to remember is choice. If there is a valid use case for something, a bank account, no matter if it’s a challenger bank or a legacy bank, should make life as easy as possible for it’s customers.


Monzo will not be offering cheque books.


Not once did I say they didn’t have a place.

As for your school situation, tell them to upgrade lol. Many schools now have many ways to pay other than Cheque.

Oh and you mean like the Headphone Jack?.. It was simple and had a valid use case but many phones are now phasing them out. Nothing wrong with doing the same with cheques, they’re old and Monzo is being built for the future. :+1:


The below in your original post contradicts this:

You have a one track view of what a challenger bank should offer. Nothing wrong with that, provided you remember that just because you don’t have a use for something, doesn’t mean that others don’t. A good product is open to everyone, and works with as many use cases as possible.

It’s not always that simple.

That is very true, but you also have to look at the demographic of the school. We send our children to a Welsh Language medium school, and the catchments is diverse. Not everyone has the ability to access one of the modern alternatives.

Comparing a banking product to a headphone jack is a bit of a misnomer. I would prefer my bank to offer me everything I needed.

Like cash, cheques are a valid form of payment. Whilst they may not be used every day, there are occasions where life without one, for some people becomes very difficult.

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Your Post : TLDR.

Monzo is being built for the future, if you don’t want to be on the train, feel free to get off at the next stop.


It’s amazing that a topic as boring as cheques creates such passionate responses - but please try and keep things civil.

All opinions are valid so please try not to steer conversation down an angry and unproductive path.


What else can I say! You start a debate, then get off the train yourself when your argument runs out as it has not legs!

:joy: Why so salty…

I do think that this poll will never be representative. Such strong bias in the question and in the answers towards “no” that it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that the result will be “no”.

That said: I don’t care. I will need cheques, but I will keep an account with another institution anyway, so there we go.

[edit: And given the cost associated in cheque processing I imagine that Monzon won’t be too sad if that’s the ultimate result: Offload the expensive stuff like cheques and paying in cash to others while they can concentrate on stuff that can be computerized and is thus cheaper.]


Seriously? If this is the future, we’re doomed :disappointed_relieved:

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:+1: Lol

Ok shall we leave this one here? Thank you gents!


There may be a bias in users comments but the question was not biased

A user thought this question should be put to the community so it was

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and may have strong feelings about it, but just because they differ to yours does not make them any less valid

However as said by someone else, lets keep the discussion civil

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