I am wondering what the view on cheques are for the business accounts? I know they are seen as a dying form of payment for some people but I still do receive them from some clients. I’m guessing cheque imaging for personal accounts would need to implemented before adding it to the business accounts?

Will people be advised to send cheques into Monzo like the personal account?

Just wondering what everyone’s feelings are on cheques!

Last time I tried to fill one out I had forgotten exactly how as it had been so long

Enough said really!


Personally, I’d be absolutely fine if cheques stopped being a thing.

From a business perspective, I can see why you’d want them supported.

From what Monzo has said in the past, I think you’re right and that business account holders will be advised to post any cheques to Monzo. The road-block to cheque imaging is going to be exactly the same for business accounts as personal accounts - getting Monzo hooked directly into the cheque processing system.

Who knows? If there’s strong demand from business account holders (and if their postroom regularly gets flooded?) perhaps that will be the thing that tips Monzo back towards working on cheque imaging again?


Cheques have bene mentioned so much previously I would be rehashing things in their defence.

The only difference I would say is that it will not come to Business accounts if it isn’t in the Personal accounts. As @HoldenCarver states, Business accounts could push Monzo to make the imaging system for everyone if businesses send lots of cheques in.


@SouthseaOne I agree - I don’t think I could write one without checking how it’s done.

I’d be happy for cheques to be a thing of the past but I still have a lot of clients who prefer to pay by cheque for some reason!

@jackcully any thoughts about cheques for business customers?

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It was the spacing of the text, and how to mix the name and the value, that threw me - what little muscle I had for it seems to have deserted me!

I have a special place of hatred in my heart for clients who pay me by cheque

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Hello! For now, business customers will send cheques into Monzo in the same process as our personal accounts. We aren’t actively working on Cheque Imaging, but as soon as we pick it up for personal accounts, we’ll also bring it live for businesses!



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