Circumvent the absence of cheques


So Monzo have left me in the lurch so I’m turning to the community for help!

Last month, I made the leap and switched my Co-operative Bank account to Monzo.

We just had an offer on our house and at the same time, the people we want to buy from have accepted our offer. Both are chain free so we need to move quick!

I need my last 4 bank statements as part of the mortgage application, but I was on paperless statements and can no longer access them online through Co-op.

I went into a Co-op branch and they tell me that I have to request them in writing and send a £10 cheque and that no other payment methods are valid for this process.

Monzo don’t even do one-off cheques so I’ve ended up with a ‘Computer says no’ type response.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can get around this? (or a time machine!)



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Ask if they’ll accept a postal order? Do you know someone who has a chequebook and could do it for you?


Ask someone that has a cheque book, or use the GDPR route and do a subject access request which should contain your previous statements. As far as I know they are not allowed to charge for an SAR.


Hey Rat,

Thanks - is PO effectively same as a cheque?

My missus has a chequebook - didn’t know if it not being in my name would be an issue?

didn’t know if it not being in my name would be an issue?

Doubt it, although you can always explain your situation in the letter, saying that you current bank does not issue cheques and you’re having someone else’s cheque instead.


Basically yes. It used to always be ‘send a cheque or postal order’. There’s a cost involved though so I think using the other half’s cheque would be easier


That’s your solution. Congratulations on being the first #FullMonzo user to need to write a cheque, though.


I closed my First Direct account and they emailed me an encrypted PDF with all my transaction data. The password came in the post a few weeks later though.

I can’t believe they’re making you pay £10 by cheque (lol) for your data.


If you were a long term customer with Co-op, I would probably speak to them again, ask them to deal with it as a complaint and ask them to waive the charges.

I previously had a similiar problem with co-op a number of years ago, and after a song and dance from me they finally gave in and waive the charge


In normal circumstances I would, I just need this sorted ASAP. Was with them about 10 years! Still, their business is going down the drain anyways and with processes like this in place, I’m not surprised.