So just what do you do when someone insists on a cheque

(Justin Hunt) #1

Had to purchase some kit today from my sports club,
The kit secretary insists on me paying by cheque as paying by bank transfer is just too much of a disconnected process for her to administer the kit.

The last time I wrote a cheque (looking at the stubs) was 2015.

Im wondering is there such a thing/process where one could “produce” an adhoc cheque on a website or something and it be emailable. (I’ve not thought this through very much).

Thoughts and feedback welcome


(Ben) #2

There are banks out there that allow the paying in of cheques to be done via a mobile phone whereby you take a photo of the cheque and send it in online. I think this may come into that bracket.

I have no idea how Monzo plan to get on with cheques but I’m sure we will find out :soon:

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Here’s the plan -

(Andy Little) #4

I think the OP is more concerned with the ability to write checks than to deposit them. At least in this case.

(Justin Hunt) #5

Yep id suggest cashing cheques is a relatively easy process for Monzo to deal with.

Im more concerned with the process of ME having to issue a cheque to another person or institution.

As I said before this doesn’t happen often but situations do arise where a solution is needed.

(Bob) #6

On the very rare occasion I’ve had to produce a cheque (was at least 2-3 years ago) I got my mum to write one out for me and I transferred the funds to her bank account from mine. If I had my own cheque book I’d probably forget where I’d put it before ever needing to use it.

( surohpotsirhC) #7

I believe you’re able to write a cheque on anything aren’t you? Whether Monzo will honour a cheque written on a napkin is a different matter.

I believe @paul mentioned side of a horse being valid.

(Bruce) #8

From my experience the majority of people/businesses that push for a cheque will most definitely take alternatives when told you simply do not have a cheque book. Otherwise they’d be turning business away. I haven’t had a cheque book in 10 years. Ps I don’t live with my mum and my outgoings go further than a PlayStation account (however I can see many benefits of such a life).

(Gareth) #9

Ask if they prefer a Postal Order ( or want to join Monzo :smile:

Jokes aside, if they only take cheque then I’d assume they’d (with maybe an annoyed look) take cash.
Maybe it’s time to introduce them to online banking?


I once had an idiot tell me if I did not want to pay by cheque they would accept stamps! Mental

(Gareth) #11

That’s actually not so bad, if they could sell them again :open_mouth:


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