Polishing Monzo - a little list?

(Jami Welch) #41

This one is on my wish list too, bene playing around with some ideas. I hope we get to firm up some plans soon.

(Peter Shillito) #42

Removal of in-app sound effects.


There also really needs to be a different notification sound for notifications which don’t involve money moving in or out of the account (eg: 3D secure or a bill split appearing, chat notifications etc…).

It can be quite worrying if you hear a random money sound when you haven’t spent or received any money.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #44

Might also be regarded as a security feature in that particular case…:thinking:


Be good to have some feedback when you cancel a direct debit. At the moment

  • You click ‘Cancel direct debit’
  • You enter your pin
  • You get returned to the direct debits page - the direct debit has disappeared so it’s presumably been cancelled, but there’s no confirmation message


Great idea.

Maybe have the word “deleted” next to the direct debit in the direct debit page and then have the ability to dismiss the item for this deleted direct debit in the same way that home feed items can be dismissed.

(Peter Shillito) #47

The “Cancel direct debit” button is dangerous as it is right now for those who have a current generation iPhone and have “Face ID for authentication” on, because there’s no “are you sure” message after you tap that button. If you accidentally tap the button, and you’re looking at your phone screen, that’s it it’s gone. I only turned mine on to speed up the 3D Secure approval process (typing a pin in every time is annoying).

EDIT: Oh, I agree with you that there needs to be some sort of “yep, that’s gone” message.

(4 Round Investor) #48

4 weekly scheduled payments


Preventing the ability to set up more pots than the maximum. It’s annoying to fill out all the details and then be told that you’ve hit the max, rather than the option to add new pots being suppressed.


If you pre-schedule a one-off transaction to remove money from a pot, the confirmation message refers erroneously to a recurring transaction.

(Oliver Ford) #51
  • category splitting (“coming in the next few months” in 2016; off the radar since)
  • icons for BACS (they’re not all people, most of mine aren’t) and DD
  • hide ‘pulse’ graph

(Jai Sullivan) #52

Hide or a toggle to turn it white instead of that hideous, out dated navy :wink:


+1 for this

(Jake) #54

Budget but week by week basis would be nice.

e.g. showing how much I have left to spend this week?


Sounds useful. Or something like “spend x/day to remain on track / get back on track”?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #56

maybe you could adapt this to weekly instead of daily ???

(Andy Thorpe) #57

Move money directly between pots. Simples.

(Tom) #58

It’s white on joint accounts

(Tom) #59

I don’t understand the pulse graph, it doesn’t seem that useful at all. FWIW, I really like the way Starling handle their version of the same - a pie chart breaking down your spending that day.

(Jai Sullivan) #60

Yeap, I know — us lot (me) who have a solo account are feeling left out :frowning_face: