Polishing Monzo - a little list?

(Tom) #61

Ah I see! I like that there’s a quick visual difference between accounts, but yeah, the blue could do with updating.

(Is Santa here yet?) #62

Do most people spend daily? Mine would show nothing for half the week. Pulse gives you a calendar month view which is handy

(Tom) #63

Oh is that what it is? I see, that is a bit more useful than I thought in that case.


The line after where you are also shows when you might run out of money given your previous spending in the month :blush:

I just want it to line up with my summary dates

(Yen Pham) #65

In case you haven’t seen it, we actually published a “little list” this week that talks about what we’re hoping to work on very soon to make Monzo the best possible main account!

We’ve been talking about this idea in the office for a while, so you’ve read our minds, @Peter_G :joy:


Can’t wait for Accounts and Payments pages to be revamped. And hopefully a general UI refresh inline with the new Material design for Android. And a dark mode. :grinning:

(Sean) #67

Never really thought about it like that; interesting. How do you discern how many days away it is?


Before Monzo, back when I used Google Sheets to manage my finances, I had a category called “Gifts and Donations”, encompassing not only charitable spending but also general gift purchases for other people. I find it bonkers that I have to include everything I buy for others in ‘Shopping’ - Christmas is coming, I don’t want to have to use tags to keep track of how much I’ve spent on Xmas gifts for people.

I personally consider spending for myself and spending on others in two very fundamentally different ways when managing my money.

On another note, has anyone gathered all of these things into a single list? It could really help other Monzo users who find this thread for the first time to see what’s already been suggested and +1 specific things - which in turn could help Monzo to easily see what users really want that may not already be on their radar. There might be some surprises!

(Michael) #69

Would be good to see more granular card controls (e.g. disabling contactless use, but leaving online use enabled) along the lines of Starling and Revolut, but I imagine that is something that could have already been there should that have been the approach they wanted to take


I’ve tried to consolidate the requests made here and elsewhere into a bumper Christmas poll over here:

It’ll be interesting to see what comes out on top!


Legend, thanks Peter!

(Richard Stowey) #73

I’d like to be able to move all remaining funds from my main account into a pot, using IFTTT, so that I can reset my weekly budget balance. Anything I don’t spend goes towards something nice for myself. Then a new budget amount goes into the main account.

(dolli ayeni) #74

I think monzo needs to work on its security. If someone got hold of my phone the access to my monzo app is left wide open. While other banking apps have fingerprint scanning, calculators and codes which can be tedious, its very important!!!

Also, i think the summary page should allow for imcoming money more often than a month or 4 weeks. In many people get paid more often than this and in my case i transfer money into monzo on a weekly basis. So the feature that shows when my money could run out by becomes redundant when it only shows a monthly date.

This then filters into the spending catwgories too, which you should be able to analyse on a weekly basis as well as monthly.

(Michael) #75

It does have fingerprint scanning. I use it all the time on Android

There is some work underway on Making Monzo to develop a separate PIN


Can we get a blog post on how Monzo is actually secure without needing a calculator, ‘secret questions’, multiple PINs, passwords, memorable words, and whatever else? Something that’s fairly short, easily understandable that we can link to?

Or does that already exist?


It’s been discussed many times on here in the past. The answer has been that security tends to be conflated wth privacy. In other words, that anyone looking at your phone could potentially see your information but they’d be unable to steal your money. And that securing access to your emails is probably more important than securing access to the Monzo app.

An official Monzo blog on the subject might be useful to point people to, though.