Making Monzo a better current account

Earlier this month we published our goals for the rest of the year. One of these was to ‘Keep making Monzo the best account to use as your main account’.

In today’s blog post, we’re going into some more detail about what this means, and what we plan to do in the next three months.


I get paid weekly, so hopefully I’ll be able to use summary better now.


Great to see an update! Looking forward to these improvements! :monzo:

“Setting ‘Committed Spending’ apart from everything else can be confusing to some people, who expect a single section of spending with budgets” — big thing for me is not being able to see a total spending figure (Committed Spending + Spending).


Great to see this update! Lots of very much needed improvements so glad to see Monzo agree on this


i still cant work out how to send money to a person you have paid before without typing their account number again.? Is this feature even available yet?


On the payments tab, you should have a section called Recent - this should be a list of recent accounts you’ve sent money to.

Do you not have that?


Ahh yes thanks found it now, but had never scrolled down to see it! Not the best design…

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Great work as always! The next groundbreaking feature for me will be taking direct debits, standing orders, and making payments directly from pots. Would be so great to only see disposable spending balance in main account :raised_hands:. (all else happens autonomously in ‘pots’)


“There’s no easy way to tell the difference between multiple accounts that belong to the same person.”

There is no easy way to repeat a payment with the same reference.


I’ve always found it frustrating when it says I’ve ‘spent’ hundreds of pounds on one day (usually pay day) because I’ve moved money around.

Any improvement to this would be a welcome change! :blush:


Selecting a payee from the ‘Recent’ list, I tap on the reference field and select the one I want from the drop down list.


There’s still nothing planned screen real-estate stealer pulse graph. I think it should have been part of ongoing work to improve summary and predictions so that graph can make some sense and give useful information to users.


Great to see a new mini list appearing!

I’ve spoken to a few friends who also use Monzo, and to be honest, Monzo fits our needs 99% already (there is no current account that covers absolutely 100% as some one off requirements might be really unique).

Anything from here on out is just an added bonus, and is “fleshing out” the current account offering.

Even Payee management which I’ve been banging on about for months - It works as it is, but obviously any improvements are always welcome.

Look forward to seeing it all pieced together over the next few months.

I’m not sure if this has been answered, or if there is even an answer to it yet, but…

Do we know if an interest bearing pot will be coming to the Joint Accounts?


It would be great if when improving transfers between individual and joint accounts, you allowed us to add notes to the transfers. In fact, allowing notes for all incoming payments would also be much appreciated!



Summary only lets you budget monthly, and doesn’t work well when you’re paid early or late. We want to make sure it can understand when people are paid at different intervals, and handle exceptions better.

This is my only issue with Monzo. Does this mean Monzo will handle instances when someone gets paid on “last Friday of the Month” for example? Because the budgeting doesn’t work at all if this isn’t handled which is a real shame.

I am looking forward to the improvements.

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That is so cool. But also so not obvious. I’ve always copy and pasted the reference ready.


I would think so, Monzo shared this sneak peek a few months back of what it might look like. The design allowed for a range of different intervals.

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Good to see the list I look forward to it. Especially payments.


This is exactly what I am looking for! Once this is implemented I can definitely fully switch over to Monzo. Can’t wait…


It’s especially not obvious on phones without a massive screen. I have an iPhone SE, and the drop-down list of previous references is entirely hidden by the keyboard. It’s only because I know about the feature that I know I can swipe the screen up to see the references.