Polishing Monzo - a little list?

I’m wondering if there is a better way of handling this thread. I feel that it would be easier for the Monzo team if suggestions were all edited into one post at the start and perhaps categorised? I just feel that there is so much feedback everywhere on the forum and it might help avoid duplication within the thread. We, or Monzo staff, could then strikethrough anything that they decide to address.


I wouldn’t get your hopes up trying to make this sort of stuff anything other than a bit of brainstorming fun every now and then, if something sparks an idea or use case with the powers-that-be then great, but really don’t expect it or you’ll just be disappointed :slight_smile:


@Peter_G, you might just have signed yourself up to keep track and edit to add bullet points of the suggestions people make to your initial post :wink:

Definition is going to be hard. What is trivial, after all?

I should have just kept my mouth shut lol

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I’ve just realised I never contributed my own list. Deep breath, it might be a long one!

  • Logos for standing orders / transfers please. If nothing else, I’d quite like (the option of?) the receiving bank’s logo.
  • Full card number and security code in the app
  • Statement names so that they order properly. So something like starting with YYYY-MM.
  • A design change on the feed so that future transactions are hidden under a fold / tap or pull down to show. It’s fine when it’s one transaction tomorrow, but when you have 20 direct debits next Tuesday after a couple of bank holidays it’s a bit much.
  • In Summary, totals of committed and discretionary spend per category
  • Let Android users edit pot icons! (And a broader selection too, please)
  • Better tags. Maybe autocomplete previously used tags? Or suggest ones that have been used in similar transactions?
  • Copy/paste transactions! Not as weird as it seems - if I want to repeat a transfer from a pot and preserve all the same notes and tags, I’d like to be able to select it, copy it and paste it to make the same thing happen again.
  • Auto-tag transactions! Be able to set up standard tags / notes for direct debits, standing orders etc then have them automatically applied to every instance.
  • Apply tags based on rules (I’d kinda like a rules engine in Monzo, but if not then doing it through IFTTT would be fab)
  • Be able to move money between pots, not going via the current account - or even if it shows as two transactions, being able to execute it in one step.
  • I don’t know what the design solution is, but the way that credits / debits to pots are shown is counter-intuitive to me. £5 out of a pot is shown as a credit - I get why it is, but something doesn’t sit right. Maybe a design tweak?
  • Easier way of finding a date than scrolling - Monzo’s been around for years now!!
  • The Summary wheel is great in theory, but looks unpolished. The text below it looks feels like it could look better - and early in the month it just leaves (too much) white space. The rotating “x days to go” also feels like a better design choice on paper than in reality :frowning:
  • The budget icon is a target. Which made sense when budgets were targets. Not so much now.
  • A charity category!
  • Fix the design of transferring money in and out of pots! So so many people ask why they can only do it in £5 multiples!
  • Speaking of which, I’d like to be able to set budgets in Summary to the nearest pound (or tap and type) rather than using the +/- buttons
  • In Summary, I’d like to be able to tap forthcoming (greyed out) entries to amend the recurrence or see the ‘template’ transaction
  • I’d like a notifications centre - or notifications as feed items. They disappear and leave folk confused :frowning:
  • I’d like to be able to tap on a transaction and select a manual round up - with the same look and feel as the Coin Jar function - but which I can apply at will to, say, bank transfers or direct debits.

Phew, that was unburdening!

I’m sure there are more, but lots are less polish and more new functions…



Tried swiping? :joy:


You mean on Pulse? Still got to be an easier way to find something from September 2016, though.

Or maybe the solution’s better search - which is less polish and more new feature!

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This has been posted in Monzo Time channel on slack. We have a few projects being worked on at the moment, but knowing what our customers feel would be beneficial for our engineers to spend their time on, is priceless.


I meant on Tinder. You were looking for a date?


Think this is one of my favourite ideas tbh. They get cut off on Android and it’s useful to have history.


Swipe an incoming payment into a pot

No idea how this would work but maybe swipe left on it, and there’s a list of pots to choose from. Sick of Asda 1p refunds and then having to manually move it



That went completely over me…! :wink:


Transactions are begging for swipe left/right actions. No idea what they should be, but I feel like there should be some intuitive ones there!


All my polishing requests are pot related!
•joint pots
•scheduled payments in and out of pots to be included in summary
•scheduled payments (pots and standing orders) to have four weekly option
•payments from pots would be amazing, in particular direct debits
•list of pots rather than endless swiping
•custom images for pots would be nice

I’m loving the summary etc. and we’re
moving away from YNAB to use the baked in Monzo tools, so these things would make such a huge difference to us!!

  • Joint pots
  • custom pot images
  • add payes without making payment and enhance with images and extra info
  • higher overdraft and loan amounts
  • virtual cards/single use pan
  • better merchant information feedback system
  • roundups for joint accounts
  • split transactions across categories
  • auto add notes to recurring payments

Long card number and CCV in the app :hot_coral_heart:

including what everyone’s already said :smiley:


A couple more from me (sorry):

  • Upload PDFs and other files as transaction receipts
  • Amend recurring payments to/from Pots (or even better, standardise the Pots experience so that it matches standing orders)
  • More advanced recurring standing orders/transfers - I’d love :hot_coral_heart: a bit of logic which allowed me to specify X days before / after pay day - and rather than a specific amount to be able to use, say the value in a Pot (whatever it is when the payment comes to be made).

Edit, on the last bullet, I’m eyeing up the same options as on the fourth screen in the new Summary design here


Well if you can have a couple more… :wink:

Summary is ace, personally I love the line and the circle thingy, but today it’s not telling me anything useful! Yesterday I moved money out of a pot into my personal account, today that moved from my personal account into the joint account. The direct debit it’s to pay for is leaving on Monday and showing in my feed, but summary isn’t taking account of it so it’s telling me I’m flush with cash.

Also can’t wait to be able to set summary to work with my actual pay day which is last working day of the month.

Encouragingly, I don’t think anything I’ve asked for isn’t planned, I just want those things right now, preferably yesterday. :grinning: :roll_eyes:

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Came here to say this.

EG Friend pays you money for a flight, and you immediately add the whole transaction to a Holiday pot.

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