Monzo Plus: Holographic Card discussion

My monzo plus card came today opened of course too. But first thoughts on it is it looks abit flimsy to me. Would be much better if it was metal. And the investors badge would be better at the front of the card and not hidden on the back of it. Overall maybe 4/10

I’m sure when the metal card comes out you’ll be able to upgrade your package. It’ll probably cost a lot more though

Why do you want investor on the front? Why on the card at all? Never understood that


It should have a flashing beacon on both sides of the card so people can see you’ve invested, even in a dark bar. If they don’t get partial blindness it’s not powerful enough.


I really don’t get why metal cards are such a big deal to so many :man_shrugging:t2:


Metal cards - I was the same until I saw one …then it did look and feel very “premium”, would I pay for one …hmmmm dependent on the price …I probably would, cant really think why Monzo didnt use hot coral holographic for the plus account …thats the brand isn’t it ???


I suspect the idea is existing Monzo customers will notice the blue card and wonder what it is - perhaps cause them to look into Plus.


Cheap and flimsy were my first thoughts. I initially thought it was made of some kind of premium card.

It’s got the rigidity of those cardboard store vouchers. Better than paper and won’t rip but I definitely wouldn’t go as far as saying “plus”. My old blue plus card (coral middle) is definitely more robust from flexing them in my hand.


It’s also a white card underneath, I’m not sure how long it will remain premium looking, if it was a blue (or hot coral) core I’d be much more happy with it.

I certainly prefer the removal of the embossed numbers though and quite like the design.


I think the new plus card is fine.

Considering I had to replace my previous plus card 4 times I’m not going to be critical of this one.


Why do people want a blue Monzo card with a hologram? Aesthetics and/or status.

It is one of the perks Monzo offered to people who invested. Just like a hologram blue card is a perk for those who invested in Plus.

Invested in plus? So people with a Netflix subscription have invested in Netflix?

The status thing might be true if it wasn’t for the fact that even 1 share means you can get an investor card


Coral doesn’t appeal to everyone. Colours also go out of style, as do variations of them. Gradients are making a comeback for instance, and blue is a very safe colour that is universally appealing and never goes out of style and can look just as striking as an outlandish colour when done right. Monzo did it right.


Little bit underwhelmed by the card overall. Plus there is a slight imperfection in the colouring which has the same effect on me as the minute scratch on the screen of my phone :confounded:
Must say though am mega impressed with delivery after one working day (ordered Thursday night, arrived Saturday morning).

Also just noticed Google pay has updated the number but is still the old design.

I removed mine from Apple Pay and added it back and the design updated :slight_smile:

There is some kind of text transfer on the back of my card and not a big fan of seeing the chip on the back but front being clean and flush and having no text or numbers is nice

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Now that’s interesting. I had to shine my flashlight on the back of my card to properly notice it, but the same issue effects mine. It’s barely noticeable to the point that it had gone unnoticed until you highlighted it with your card and I got my flashlight out.

Edit: upon brightening my hue lights to 100%, the chip is rather prominent. There feels like a slight indent where the chip is located on the back too. Not a major issue or worth returning the card for though.

People who invested in Monzo were early adopters and believed in the bank and therefore want to be recognised for it. Why is that an issue for you?


I’m an early adopter and investor. I don’t want “Investor” printed on my card.
Too ostentatious for my liking.


I’ve never had someone say “oohhh you’re an investor” or question it in any way. What do you mean by recognised?

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Not understanding what people see in something is much milder than “having an issue”.

Let’s keep on the topic of the cards and out feeling about them rather than each other please.

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Recognised in the sense that the bank is showing appreciation by having “investor” on the card and highlighting it in other areas. I like this as do many other customers.

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