Please i need imediate help


my name is bajan ovidiu and I have an emergency

as of now I am in airport…FROM FRIDAY I am stucked with my own hard earned money inside the app wile I have no access back inside the app.

I replaced my phone friday and so when I installed the new app I was asked to enter the email…and this is where the problem is.

4 days ago I left message inside my monzo app for the customer service to replace my email
They failed doing so.

the email I had before was a business email @etccompany, and I left the job and that email address in my name was deactivated, more precise to explain it was an alias email (@campany

I have no access to such email again, wile monzo is asking me to enter my registered email from inside the app.

there is no phone call responding when I call monzo, also from monzo help desk, and also my colleague after asking from his twitter account for help from monzo on twitter, he received response that they can’t help.

I feel I am the victim of losing my own money now, and god help me as I will totally and forever disregard any such digital bank again. I consider my self the ultimate fool to close my Barclays account for monzo. thats right.

I am now in airport and has been 80 hours that means I expect no one will help me by Monday…and I am with complete no money (because all my savings are in the monzo app) and I have no access to log in back. My money is in pots and I am also suffering from a bipolar condition. I am very upset and I have nothing but just being alone here with no help. please if anyone reads I need help,

I need help please. I am hungry and very cold and very scared

I asked the help from police and they advised me to contact the bank. The phone from monzo is not working

Please anyone i nees help

I really need help please.

and if everyone reads this please i need acees to my account please someone from mozo contact me.

Please someone help me. I need urgent help please

thank you very much.

Someone from leadership please look into this now. Please dont leave me this way. No o e helps me. I am very uspset and crying. I also suffer from bipolar disorder and i am very scared right now

PEase someone help me

You need to keep calling them on 0800 802 1281.

The forum is not the right place to get support. There probably won’t be any staff around


Hi Bajan, I’ve flagged your thread for staff attention and someone will be in touch shortly. We are all users of Monzo on this forum and are unable to help out in this situation, even if we believe you.

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Nothing has been deleted, and staff have been in touch with you.


Flagging it doesn’t delete it. It gets it to the right people to help you.

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Thank you.

I suggested on your previous thread asking your friends/family to use Western Union or MoneyGram to get you some money so that you can go on with your journey until you get home. Is that not possible?

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No i dont have any friends. I sufer from bipolar cronic condition and i have no friends.

Please someone from monzo inneed help to my little money. Please i am scared and hungry and i am crying. Please i nees help. Please aomeone help me

What airport are you at? Lets see if I can get you a hot meal delivered.

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Please everyone i need help

Someone tries to call me last night at 20.00 from monzo, and the phone was out of battery. Itbis charged now. Please someone from monzo emoyees to help me gain acces to my money. It must be a way to update my email. I left clear mesage in article very up

I need help please

Nobody is flagging as spam. We’re flagging for staff attention so they get notified, and also when personal information is posted (so it gets deleted before anyone malicious sees it).

I trusted this monzo company to put my hard earned money and now i dint have acces to it and no humans to speak with

Banks don’t just run away with people’s money, that’s not how it works. You will get your money back, but you need to follow the appropriate procedures to recover access to your account. Someone from Monzo tried to help you yesterday and asked you to email them but seems like that didn’t work out for whatever reason.

Maybe check your ability to send emails (could be your account isn’t set up correctly?) to begin with? Send an email to yourself and see if it arrives. Once it does send an email to and wait.

For what it’s worth, I want to help you out. Really and truly, you should have access to your money. Another basic human right, taken away by failing technology. Using a work email, what a silly mistake. Don’t ever use a work email again, I’m sure you won’t. Sure you have money, but it’s tied up in pots. That’s the thing with pots, not accessible without the app or internet connectivity. Easy to forget. Right, I must go now.


Also is there any way you can get in touch with someone from your previous workplace? They should be able to reactivate your email or forward you the login email so you can use it to gain access to the app.

This has been flagged for staff attention. Please be patient whilst someone looks into it.

The community can’t help with this.

Hi there @Bajan - we tried to call you last night and left a voicemail. We will try again shortly.

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I’m happy to say that this appears to be resolved now.


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Can you ask your friends/family to lend you money to at least get you home from the airport?

There’s really nothing we can do on the community here, you have to keep trying to get in touch with Monzo by email.