I can’t access my monzo app

I reseteted my phone and needed to download the monzo app again, but I no longer have access to the email registered to log into the account. I called on the monzo and informed me to make an email with all the details of my account, I put registered address, photo with my ID, photo with my passport, I wrote my old email, photo with the card. But nothing was solved I called 3 times I talked to 3 different attendants and everyone informed me the same thing. I sent 4 email but none has been answered for 4 days that I’m trying to access my account I need to pay rent, bills, make transfer and I can not. Who’s going to be able to solve my problem?

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No-one here, I’m afraid. Your only option is to carry on with direct contact with Monzo since this sort of stuff can’t be sensibly handled on a public forum.

Only Monzo can help. If you cannot access the app, then there is only the email address or telephone.

It might be quicker to set up a Starling account and withdraw your cash from Monzo at an ATM, pay it into your Starling account at a Post Office if you are really desperate.

Perhaps @simonb can help see if the emails were received correctly?

Just out of curiosity, why do you no longer have access to your email account?

Trying to think if there is a different angle of approach here, because if you get access back to that (even temporarily or someone forwards you the email from Monzo) you can sort everything yourself.

Because I restored my phone, so I no longer have access to my old Apple email, I’m retrieving my Apple email but it takes days.

Give them another call and see if that speeds it up

Is they no more Apple could speed this up

Ahh ok. Personally I’d persevere with getting your email account back if its only going to be days.

Generally Monzo will be longer as they focus the majority of their support resources on helping people in the app.

Surely this is the bottleneck here. It doesn’t sound right.

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