PIN reset video approved but no new pin provided

Hi so I previously reported my card stolen. This locked my account and my PIN was blocked. I have now received my new card and pressed the forgotten pin button. I provided identification and received a message saying that my identity had been confirmed. However when I re-enter the app I am met with the page that asks me to insert my PIN but I have not set a new one and my old one obviously does not work.

Any advice?


So when asked to enter your PIN, did you try using the old PIN?

Because as far as I am aware, only you (not Monzo) can change your PIN, and it’s not blocked due to a card being stolen.

Once you have access to your account you can change your PIN then, if you want.

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Are you referring to the APP login PIN here? - this won’t have changed. Your card (and therefore card PIN) no longer works, but your Monzo APP PIN remains the same.

I think so? Its the first page that appear when i open the app. Even when i try and reset it i get no option to set a new one, the app simply asks for my pin again and its like im going around in circles…

That’s not your card pin, that is your phone pin.

I definitely was not my phones pin, luckily within the app just there it popped up with a screen showing the pin which disappeared after 20 seconds. Please mark as resolved.

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