Forgotten pin, unable to reset during login process

Setting up a new phone after I click the login magic link, it locks me from the account on my old phone, I then realize I need to put the pin in for my personal card, which thanks to contactless I have no idea what it is.
I hit the send pin reminder from the login screen which sends a pin reminder to the old phone, which obviously errors out, as that account is not logged in… Any help appreciated!

You need to reach out to support in app and they’ll ask you to do a selfie video to confirm your identity.

Yes, but I can’t cause I need the pin to log in, and help isn’t available from the login page :man_shrugging:

Call the number on the back of your card or email

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The login pin is for your device and not your card. The pin in-app for transactions etc is your card pin.

I’ll try calling the number, never even noticed that! Thanks, it specifically asks for card pin, as it’s first time sign in.

This is incorrect. What will be happening is that SCA has come in to play and the user is being required to authenticate the device. That’s why it is asking for the card PIN.

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I must admit, this sounds weird.

You can be logged in to only one (same-platform) device at any one time. So if you clicked on the magic link to start access on your new phone, then it will automatically log you out of your old phone by default, assuming they are both iOS or Android phones - this is normal.

So from this point forward, your new phone is the only one logged into Monzo so a request for a PIN will be using your new phone only - and if you pass the security (in my case fingerprint), the PIN for the card will be displayed in-app.

Is it because you don’t yet have email set-up on your new phone and so you are picking up the magic links via email on your old phone? If this is the case, please ensure you have access to emails on your new phone so you can receive magic links on the same device as the Monzo app is running.