Fraud - scam

Hi there,
I reported a fraud on Wednesday and Monzo cancelled my previous account and issued me a new card which I received by post today.

However I haven’t received the pin or anything and I need to log in to the app using the pin as it won’t log me in without it.

The fraud dispute team were in touch with me using the in app chat but now I’ve been logged out the app and not sure if they’ve replied with an update.

Do we get a separate letter with our pin? Or is there a different way of getting it?

Please help! I need to know the status of my money

Is it not the same PIN ??? as previously


They have cancelled your card not your account


To enter the app, you only need the magic link via email. If you have set faceID or something similar, entering the app falls back to your phone pin, not your Monzo pin.

Once you are inside the app, you can go through the pin recovery thing to get your pin.

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whenever I have logged out of the app, on IOS - the settings - face ID touch ID have been disabled , the magic link takes me to the account and asks for my PIN to enter and use the account …from memory …if a new card has been issued by Monzo the PIN will still be the same as used previously …as far as I understand …


Monzo never send you a pin. You pick it yourself the first time and use the app to change it.



Just to add some things in, from my experience. @BS the pin (which it does ask for, even if you have Face ID (because it will revert to Pin first, FaceID thereafter) will be your previous card pin.

I don’t know if as part of the process for a new card the pin also changes - the monzo in-app team or will sort you out though.