Don't change PIN when requesting a card replacement

When I got my new card through, (which I had already setup a PIN for, upon the request of a new card). I had to find out what my PIN number was, so I went into PIN & Card Number | Get a PIN Reminder. I went through the ID Verification and Selfie, but I had somehow accidentally got my Card Number in view of when taking my Selfie photo, so as per Monzo process they Blocked my newly activated card and sent me a replacement card.

I received this, but what I would have expected was for my PIN to be the same. But what I was not told when they ordered a new one, they also requested a new PIN, (this was not needed IMO) as I knew my PIN.

I thought that just because I needed a new Card (I don’t necessarily need a new PIN number too)

Is it that when the request of a New Replacement Card gets placed, that the PIN also gets changed automatically?

Can this be fedback to COps please?

If you request a replacement card then the PIN is the same.

If I understand you correctly, when you signed up you exposed your card in a photograph so got a new card with a new PIN?


I didn’t realise I had exposed my card number, so Monzo blocked my card, and automatically requested a replacement card, but they also requested a new PIN, but they did not need to request the new PIN. I didn’t request the new card from within the App myself they did it their end.

Ahhh ok.

I guess that because you exposed your bank details in a photograph your card was reported as possibly stolen? Therefore everything needs to be reset to make sure everything super secure? :man_shrugging:

This is possibly different from simply replacing a card that is worn out or past it’s expiry date.

Would be cool to find out from Monzo if there is a difference :slight_smile:

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Sounds good :slight_smile: