Can't get back into Monzo account after update- asks for card PIN

I just downloaded the latest update to the Monzo app, and while I’m sure this was a well-intentioned move, it’s causing some trouble for me.

I opened the app after the update and got a prompt that I’d be regularly asked for Face ID or my card PIN when accessing the app for security. That’s all well and fine, but it’s only asking me for my card PIN, and when I try to tap the biometric option in the upper right corner, the whole screen just blurs and the app freezes. When I restart the app it jumps right back to the card PIN prompt.

Here’s the problem- since US cards don’t ask for PIN with every purchase like UK cards do, I’ve only had to use the card PIN once, ever (ATM withdrawal), and there’s no ability to change it, so I don’t remember that default PIN, and it won’t let me do Face ID as a substitute (see above- screen blurs, app freezes, I’m stuck).

I’m guessing this is a bug of some sort. Is there a way to get my card PIN outside the app, or should I just wait for an update to fix this?

Try delete and reinstall to see if let’s you do biometric

Otherwise you’ll need to email Monzo for help recovering your PIN

Just tried it. I uninstall it, reinstall it, I log in, and the same thing happens- it prompts me for the card PIN, and when I tap the biometric option, the screen blurs and the app is inaccessible again.


I believe biometric is currently only for purchase authorizations, not for app opening.

You’ll have to remember or obtain your PIN

Biometrics are for in app authorisations too.

The OP was talking about Face ID.

You have a device with a fingerprint reader, so you have Touch ID. Touch ID works on both app opening and purchase authorizations (if selected in settings).

Face ID, AFAIK, works only on purchase authorizations at this stage.

Then they really need to change the information screen that explains the new security measure:

That wording is about as clear as it gets in referring to Face ID as an available authentication measure to get into the app.

Quick update here- I was able to get back in after guessing and failing to get my PIN correct three times, after which I was finally given the prompt to recover my PIN with ID photo and selfie video. Biometric authentication still fails to play nice.

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