Pin number change ~ a problem


Just returned from US trip and the Monzo card worked perfectly (unlike the Revolut card) just sayin’

Today I went to Morrisons ATM to change the pin. I did the the change process but at the end it said unable to complete this service please contact the card issuer (or words to that effect).
I tried it again at an RBS ATM and the same thing happened, so I think I still have the same pin number.
I then tried to with draw cash and it would not let me, card declined.
Later I went on the app and clicked on "forgot your pin"
Monzo texted me my pin, it was the pin number I had tried to change to earlier!
So the pin number had been changed but the ATM said it was not able to do it, twice.

So is it pin change process broken or is it just me?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I doesn’t sound like you’ve got anything wrong there but it’s hard to guess what the issue is. I’d recommend messaging Monzo via the in-app chat & asking - they’ll be able to see what was happening in the background.

I would be interested to hear what the issue was though so please do let us know :raised_hands:

(Mike) #3

Strange! Do you have anything from your feed that says, “pin change or balance check”?


Pin number change…you mean Pin change…otherwise you are saying Personal identification number number change :joy:


I raised it with support via the app, they said it was not right and will look into what went wrong.

I didn’t. but now I have a list of:-
ATM declined
ATM pin attempts exceeded
pin attempts exceeded please unlock at ATM
pin attempts exceeded please unlock at ATM pin change or balance check
Aldi pin attempts exceeded please unlock at ATM

Pin, the number you enter at an ATM to get money out. the number you enter when you use chip and pin, the number that Monzo text you when you click on “forgot my pin” in the app.

The card is not working at all now. ATM services don’t work for withdrawal, balance check or PIN unlock . It was declined at Aldi contactless.


I have had positive support through chat, responded on Saturday evening. Thanks George
I dont know what the problem was, they can look at that.
The card was unblocked and when I used it this morning it was fine.

I would like to know what the issue was with the PIN change, however the support was very good.

(Adam Williams) #7

An acute case of RAS Syndrome!


I have used my new PIN number and it is working ok now.