Lack of support

After being prompted to change my pin by Monzo, following a declaration of a security breech within their organisation, I’ve failed

The ATM states that this facility is not available to me

Contact customer service you may say. I did and received no response. I waited and waited and re sent messages to hear absolutely nothing from Monzo

A morning trip into town to conduct a simple pin change turned into a very frustrated and angry MONZO customer

What now. Do I block the card and order a new one or do I wait for a response from Monzo customer care that may or may not appear this weekend ?

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Have you tried a different ATM?

I tried three different banks.

Barclays, HSBC, Tesco

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Couple of things:

  • If the cash machine was a LINK one then it won’t work
  • I was told by Monzo that it isn’t important to update your PIN, it’s only advised. So don’t feel that it needs to be done urgently.

Support has been known to be slow at times. Generally a few hours maximum is considered normal. How long have you been waiting and have you tried calling Monzo?

Oh. That’s me out of ideas then. :roll_eyes:

Hope you get it sorted!

Not tried calling. It’s been a couple of hours now


I’d wait for a response. They did say in the email that people who were out of the UK could wait until they returned, so I don’t think it’s urgent, or maybe not even necessary. I did mine at a TSB last week as I was passing one, and there was no queue. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.

From my experience you should be getting a reply soon, as mentioned, sadly a few hours response time is considered normal because it isn’t live chat.

I’d give it until after lunch before you consider calling :+1:

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I’ll wait and see what happens with my messages to customer service

You right about the timings. This has been the first opportunity that I had to visit an ATM since receiving the e mail

Probably won’t get another chance for several days

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It really is unacceptable for responses to take hours and to have to deal with different cops every time it is taken over from the last agent @leah ? @emma_mondo @tom


I wouldn’t call it a security breach tho.

Had the same issue. Contacted Monzo via in-app chat and they sent me a new card.

P.S. you don’t need to block the current card, just wait for the new one and activate it upon arrival and all will be good.

People who have been declined changing their PIN have chosen one that’s too easy to guess eg 1234 or their birthdate or year etc.

If your new pin was something like this then maybe try a different one? (If you got to the select new pin stage)

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Not the case here
I’ve now heard back from Customer relations
New card being dispatched today as I am unable to change the pin on this one


Well that’s a curio, but at least there are developments

Just to clarify this, it will work in a LINK ATM if it also has the mastercard logo. LINK and mastercard aren’t mutually exclusive on ATMs. The mastercard logo is the key for the ATM working or not with the Monzo card :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was a security breach.


Ahh ok, good to know :smiley: Thanks :+1:

Still not changed my PIN and still no fraudulent use :+1: .

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