New card problem with new pin

(Rupinder mangat) #1

Just had new card activated and put money in when I went to bank I used the new pin and it let me in then refused my cash sum I have tried changing the pin it wouldnt let me in .please advise where Im goi
ng wrong .

(Hugh) #2

Hey @Rup

Are you saying you tried to withdraw cash using your correct PIN, but this was declined at the ATM?

Hmm, sounds a bit odd - that shouldn’t happen! I suggest you get in contact with COps via in app chat (pull out menu on the left, then “help”) or by emailing

(James Wheatley) #3

Doesn’t sounds like you are doing anything wrong and not sure if there are some minor issues today? I have 2 transactions declined this morning, plenty of funds in the account.

I raised with COps this morning and waiting to here back.

(Rupinder mangat) #4

Yes I used the new pin sent it let me in but it would not let me withdraw .

(Hugh) #5

Yup, that is odd.

Could you contact COps (if you haven’t already) as they can take a look behind the scenes and see what’s going wrong :hammer_and_wrench:

(James Wheatley) #6

I just heard back from COps and the was a technical glitch on my account. I would suggest you contact them as @crablab pointed out as could be same on yours.