Photo ID on the back of your card

I’ve seen a few friends (naturally from abroad! - Norway in fact) who have a bank card which has a photo of them on the back. It got me thinking that it would be quite useful as a piece of photo ID. I know there are a few places you can get them from such as ValidateID etc but combining it with something you carry anyway could be useful specifically if it had useful info like D.O.B etc for all of you lucky enough to get asked for ID.

I think like a lot of people my passport is my only piece of photo ID. I don’t have (or want) a driving license so something convenient like this would help. To be honest I’d be happy to pay for it so you could probably re-coup the cost of the card anyway!

Hope this isn’t a duplicate - searching for Photo ID and variations on here gives a lot of ID check/signup related results :slight_smile:


great idea… implement it immediately!

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I had a credit card like that 25 years ago but it was discontinued pretty quickly. I really can’t remember who issued it.

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I like this idea and seen a few cards that consolidate both together.

Would the government have to actively endorse/say that it’s an accepted form of ID or do you reckon we’d be able to get away with it without that official endorsement?

Edit: Although I do see a potential issue with identity fraud if someone else gets hold of it; being your identification AND your finances.

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I was wondering that - things like CItizen Card ( are a not for profit & ValidateID seem to be producing cards that obey some Home Office Specs seems to be the standard behind them all.


I would o thought having you photo on the back would be more secure than the signature which can easily be forged and I think when purchasing sumit a shop keeper would be happier with both a correct pin and a matching mugshot.


I’ve applied for a CitizenCard just last week at it happens. Stops me from taking my passport to clubs.

I actually prefer having nothing specific on my card, so I can give it to a friend to pay if wanted. The security of being able to freeze the card puts me completely at ease.


RBS used to issue debit cards with a photo on the back, maybe they issued credit cards like that too?


Maybe, or maybe they backed a card issued by someone else. I’m doing an internet trawl to see if I can find anything familiar.

I remember my dad having a card like this back in the late 90s I remember him telling me the shopkeer has to check it before letting him swipe the card for payment. Would still be a handy feature in case you’re in a foreign country like the US where they still swipe cards a lot for payments.

Does that mean your passport is your only form of ID? I literally only learned to drive at 17 so I wouldn’t need to take a passport out as ID. Didn’t then actually buy a car for nearly 3 years after I passed my test


RBS (and other banks) used to print your mug shot on the back of the card, don’t think anyone ever checked it (not that I remember and I did have one of these cards)

But in regards for ID, usually for staff in shops/bars, there are rules which are pretty clear about what forms of ID are acceptable (generally drivers licence or passport)

No but it’s my only form of universally accepted photo ID. So it order not to bother with the madness of bringing it to clubs I decided to get a CitizenCard instead.

If you have a driving licence or a provisional then it doesn’t make sense for you to get a CitizenCard.*

*Other cards are available.

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Provisional licenses are just as valid as ID :smile:

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True but it cost quite a bit more and they expire whilst a card like the above doesn’t. If your going to be learning how to drive anyway then a provisional licence is the best option. For just ID purposes you might be paying over the odds by getting a provisional licence.

Is having a provisional license not a prerequisite to having a full license anyway?

I have zero intentions of learning to drive, but the provisional only cost £34 and lasts for 8 years.

If doesn’t have to be, it’s a stepping stone to a full licence but if you just want to rock a provisional licence (for ID purposes) you could do that too.

A ID card costs 15 pounds (delivery in 21 days) or 30 pounds with 1/2 days delivery, with no expiry date on the over 18 cards.

Fair enough. It wouldn’t be worth the cost of learning to drive for me.

Does anyone know how long a CitizenCard lasts?

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Although the CitizenCard does have buy-in from drinks companies etc., I don’t think acceptance is universal. Obviously some people can’t get Provisional License for health reasons etc., but it’s probably a safer bet if you can.