Name on card - ID checks

(Marc) #1

I recently went to New York and I had a number of issues using my Mondo card. In the US it is common to do ID checks (they ask for photo ID and check the name on the ID against the card). As mondo cards do not include a name, I had to use a different form of payment in about 8 of 10 merchants. If you tout non-foreign transaction fees as a benefit of Mondo you should look into this as the card won’t work much in the US!

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(Rika Raybould) #2

I still find it hilarious that the US let their card security and trust get so bad that merchants have to require photo ID to even use a card to pay.

(Charlie) #3

Check out this post for more information.


I would be happy to have to present an ID card or passport for all card transactions. It would cut fraud. Having said that the UK National ID card I got before the ConDem (LibCon?) coalition scrapped them was easy to carry, a passport less so.


Carrying a passport with you whenever you have to make a card transaction is a bit risky and even dangerous. I’ve lost my BRP (UK visa) because I did not have any other UK ID with me.


exactly. they should reinstate the ID cards they scrapped


Tried to buy a bottle of wine in a small London shop yesterday but he refused to accept my card for alcohol as no name shown on it :frowning: said will only accept cards for cigarettes and alcohol if the account holders name shown

(Richard Bairwell) #8

Hmm, it looks like you can get a card embosser for <£30… “Sorry sir, I didn’t realise you were Lord RichyBOBE buying cigarettes…” :wink: