"ID, please"

Outta of curiosity, has anyone been asked for ID when using their US cards with monzo in the name field?

So far, I’ve been asked twice: at a bogeda and a grocer. Both refused to accept my card b/c the name on my ID wasn’t actually monzo, and at this point i’m tempted to make a fake ID that shows my name is monzo :joy:

(PS i’m aware it’s technically against mastercard rules to ask for an ID, and none of this is acutally monzo’s fault)


Hi Melody
This is a funny one. I’m sorry for asking this silly question but I live in the UK.

Does your US card have your name printed on the front of the card?

Just curious, I would feed it back to Monzo just to see if there is anything they can do to help make it easier for you as a customer to use your card,

The front of our UK card has:
Card Number
Expiry Date

US cards are temp cards that state Monzo Beta.

Mastercard rules state only signature on receipt needs to match card to confirm identity.

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So do they not have card numbers or chips. Is it magswipe only? I’m just really confused lol as how different they are to UK cards.

Great call on the MasterCard rules I couldn’t find them!

There are card numbers, exp, and chips.

The debit card is very similar to a prepaid card one picks up at the drug store where the name usually says something along the lines of “Valued Customer” Monzo uses “Monzo Beta”

This has led to a hilarious situation when I was on vacation with friends in Taiwan- I discovered one of my friends was the type to write “See ID” on his cards instead of signing them when he got a bit annoyed at the clerk for refusing his ID and signature. Nope, “See ID” was what was on the signature strip, so “See ID” was how she wanted him to sign the slip.

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It is actually against the cardholder agreement to write “SEE ID” on the card, unless that is your signature.

I have never had to show my signature strip on the back of my Debit Cards in the UK so these experiences are new to me :laughing:

During these scenarios are you still able to buy your goods and go about the rest of the day or do you have to result to cash or a different card?

If the card says “SEE ID” it is null and void, unless that is how your actual signature looks.

If the card is unsigned it is also void until signed. This is why it is a bad idea not to sign it as soon as received. Any stranger who finds the could sign it, then authorize any payments.

The strip also can only be signed by normal pens for a bit, then it seems to only work with permanent makers. They put some sort of special coating that becomes hard to sign after some wear.

Some places use signature verification, rather than PIN.

Thats really interesting, thanks for posting that.
In the UK you cant pay with Magswipe anywhere its all Chip & Pin or Contactless so its really cool. I love being in the Monzo US thread,

Learning soo much :slight_smile:

We have chip too, it is just chip and signature.

Now the caveat is debit versus credit.

All debit cards use PIN for pin transactions, and ATMs. Credit cards do not use PINs.

All debit cards include at least two networks. One Debit card network such as Pulse and one Credit card network such as Mastercard.

When run as credit, there is no PIN, just sign.

How are you getting around this with N26 in the US?
Here in the UK, their cards don’t even have a signature strip.

I don’t have N26.

Both my Monzo cards have signature strips

If the terminal does not have a PIN pad, many don’t, they might get stuck.

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This will be why N26 have chosen not to include a signature strip.

“Signature has been an obsolete form of authentication for quite some time, and removing the signature panel from the cards will reinforce the need for all stakeholders to leverage truly effective authentication technologies to address fraud,”

In other words, merchants who use signature verification instead of alternatives should hurry up and join the 20th century already.


Beat me to it :smiley:

Is there any reason the US still cling on to using signatures?

Because their banking is in the past.

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Actually they are getting rid of signatures. They are developing fraud detection AI that will be good enough they aren’t necessary.

US-issued N26 cards have a signature strip, I’m assuming precisely because there are more merchants here who will still check. The website doesn’t show it, but it’s physically present on my card- you can see it in the photo.

As an aside, my experience trying N26 came to an abrupt halt when they suspended my account last month for “verification” and haven’t gotten back to me since. I’m not too worked up about it because I had less than $5 left when they suspended it, but still, I expected the infamously sensitive Revolut to suspend me first.


Ah, different design of card to us then :slightly_smiling_face: