How do people in general feel with added security of for example including a picture on the back of the card next to the signature strip? I personally have had no security issues but wanted to see what ppl think? I guess the fact that you can freeze the card instantly is already a great imbedded feature? Thoughts?

I had a credit card with a pic on it - no one ever looked. There were rumours that people replaced their pics with monkeys and nobody noticed…


Not sure I would want my photo on my card. I feel security with Mondo is one of the best out there already - simply because as soon as someone has used the card for a transaction, my phone instantly alerts me to this and obviously if it wasn’t me I can then instantly freeze that card. I also understand that down the line, Mondo will look at where your phone is and then match the locations up.

Example, if I am in London, Mondo knows this due to the GPS on my phone. If my card was then used anywhere outside of London, or even a few meters from where I was standing. Mondo can decline that transaction. Most people will have their phone with them along with their Card.

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Great thank you for your views!

I would expect the card to have your account name, sort code and account number when the full bank is launched. At the moment, being a prepaid card, for speed in sending them out (i.e. generic cards - without the name imprinted) it’s enough to test the functionality of the card and app. Having a tiny mug shot on the back of the card could be a useful security feature, but the practicalities of how to administer that need to be figured out (How do they know that’s a true likeness? What happens if we change their hair stylist? Will we have to send in our passport/drivers license to prove that’s us? And what happens if we don’t have a passport or drivers license? How often does the photo need updating? And most importantly… who’s paying for all this admin?)

As @terryharman states, the GPS awareness and push-notifications are pretty damn good security features baked in from the off.


I wouldn’t really be a fan of having a picture on the card itself, since you can’t use the card as a form of identification and it could potentially put some people off the idea of using the card (for fear of drawing a few funny looks).

I think having a sort code and account number on the card would be a great addition - I’d imagine this will come with the full banking license.

At the moment though, I don’t really feel like the app is any less secure than, say, my NatWest account for example. In fact, I actually feel like my Mondo account is more secure on account of the fact that the only possible access to the account is done through my iPhone, protected by Touch ID and within 3 feet of me at all times. When you add to this the fact that you can instantly freeze the card from within the app and almost the very second a transaction is made, I get a buzz on the wrist and I see the notification on my Watch, I really feel like it’s pretty solid security wise.

I’d like to see a bit more ability from within the notifications, though. I think the ability to quickly flag a transaction as suspicious from a notification action would be really handy, given that as soon as you notice the transaction you could flag it and freeze the card, in theory stopping any further use beyond that first transaction.

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Used to have photocard debit cards from Drummons/RBS. Loved the idea and would jump at the chance again. Helps stop the card being fraudulently used if stolen, unless the thief is a twin!