Phone With or WIthout a Case?

Ever since I got my blue iPhone XR I have not used a case. The feel finish and colour are so lovely it feels a shame covering it up. Plus as part of the iphone upgrade program I get Apple Care + so have good coverage

Anyone else brave not using a case?

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Yep. And dropped it last week and smashed the screen. When I get it fixed I’m buying a case


I use a 4 year old 6s.

I have a case and still have managed to scuff the screen slightly :frowning:

I have a quadlock case now though, so we’ll see how it holds up compared to the previous one :ye

I have an iPhone 8 with a slip case [?] - would prefer a fold over version but all those I have tried negate the wireless charging capability. R-

My standard iPhone routine:

  1. Get new iPhone
  2. Wrap new iPhone in armoured case to protect it from the world
  3. Get annoyed at bulky case and remove it to reveal beautiful, sleek iPhone
  4. Drop iPhone
  5. Pay for new screen
  6. Repeat until bank account is empty

I usually relent and buy a case whenever I buy a new phone. And then remove it a month or two later.

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You know you’re comfortable when you don’t worry about smashing your phone.

I’ve never smashed a phone in my life. I’m pretty careful with them.

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I really dislike cases on phones but I like the thought of paying for repairs even more :sweat_smile:

So I get a case whenever I buy a new phone :raised_hands: making sure it’s as slim as possible (or even just a bumper case) :sunglasses:

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The main reason why I use a case with my iphone is to protect and preserve its resale value. i.e from scuffs and scratches.

I still worry haha and got a case when I bought it. Just trying to be careful had it for a few months without dropping it so so far so good. If the plan didn’t include Apple Care + no chanace in hell I would go ceaseless.

I stopped using cases when the iPhone 6 was released. I don’t like the extra bulk of a case so up until then I would use a sleeve for my phones but got fed up of that as well.

I’ve not smashed a phone screen yet :crossed_fingers:

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Phones smaller than iPhone 6, I never used one because the phones were pretty robust. Since then (& several expensive repair bills later), I’ve put the larger phones in a case. With screen replacements approaching £300 (, it’s definitely been worth it.

But I’ll occasionally take it out of the case when I know I’m able to take extra care.

I always tend to buy a case and a screen protector. I’ve never smashed an iPhone screen at all, but don’t want to chance it :man_shrugging:

I hate cases but I always use them, got a clear one for my iPhone XR. I do prefer it without one though. I’m always careful with my phones but one drop and that’s it.

Without case but with screen protector

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My opinion has always been that If you’re going to spend that much money on a phone you may as well pay a bit extra and get it insured.

I hate using cases, It makes the phone bulky and ugly. Screen protectors are always a good shout though.

I took the decision with the iPhone 6 to stop using cases because I wanted to hold the phone. My iPhone 6 lasted about 4 years and looked lovingly used, but not smashed, cracked or even dropped.

When I got the top model iPhone X I made the decision to stay caseless - it gained a hairline scratch on day 1 btw - but it survived a year and a half with additional scratches to the glass back barly visible unless you put it to the light at strange angles.

Well, that was until a Netball lesson a few months ago when I dropped it (putting it into the box we use to store things) shattering the screen. Luckily I had AppleCare+ so it cost me £25 to replace the screen and it made me think of getting a case when it was repaired. But did I…?

No! El natural is the way to go! :eyes:

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Clear plastic case which covers the screen too