Best iPhone XR Case

So I am getting the iPhone XR and need a good case, my current iPhone 5 has a “standard” black case and prefer that than a clear case especially as only colour I could get was the blue version no black in stock @ three :wink:

Looking at this case Armid Carbon currently and reading some places for wireless charging case can be no thicker than 4.4mm is this the standard?

I bought this Spigen Neo Hybrid and as soon as I put it on the phone regretted it…It felt so bulky…

I ordered this about 5 mins later Tozo Case

It’s not the greatest case in the world but its certainly gone a long way to preserve the original thickness of the phone and the wireless charging works great too…

The one you referenced might add a bit of extra “depth” to the phone…

Neither of the above cases I’ve bought I would necessarily recommend but I’d certainly go for the thinner option everytime given the choice…I suppose it’s all down to how much protection you actually require and what environments you use your phone in…

I currently have an iphone 5 with a case on that, and to be honest more concered with phonessizes nowadays width wise as may as well be holding a tablet to ur face :joy:

Phone was supposed to arrive today but now delayed until tomorrow apparantly, think will need to check thickness when it arrives and device from there.

Any idea if there is a standard limit for wireless charging or does it just depend on the maker?


I normally get Spigen Thin Fit. It comes with a cutout for magnetic “air-vent” car mount. You put a metal plate in the cut-out, and then you can literally put your phone on the magnet situated in any of your car air-vents, and it stays there. Rock sold. No wobbles. Literally the easiest way to mount a phone on your car. No suction cups.

Cheers for info, my phone is always in my pocket due to sat nav and bluetooth connectivity so currently no requirements to mount in car :wink:

I got one by these people for my X last year;

I used to have this thick Spigen thing - but it was just so bulky.

The one downside is because it so thin, it will tend to morph shape slightly over time (particularly around the corners).

However it adds a tiny bit of texture to the phone which makes it feel so much less slippery.

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Would you recommend the XR? I’ve been eyeing up the Product Red version since launch day.

was off the cuff decision as was only going to change my sim only deal and was on the 3 website and thought I would try and go for the XR and looking back now even though only ordered saturday awaiting delivery, i am thinking about changing to the XS cos I think the screen is perfect for a phone on the iphone 5 :joy:

Highly Recommend Mous. Had one for my 6S Plus, now X. Both superb!

Ok cheers, do you use a wireless charger at all and if so which one, as looking on amazon and seen one that can only be 4.4mm thinknes and the Mous I am looking at is 4.5mm

My XR comes with the AirPods so also possibly looking for a 2/3 in one (Watch next lol)

Not at the moment although was looking into one. Which one has limits of 4.4? I’ll see if I can find someone with one in the office tomorrow - no promises though!..

Need to find the stand again lol will add soon :wink:

I am going to make a shameless plug here.I just upgraded to XS MAX, so I have an unlocked space grey 256GB iphone X for sale (bought from Apple), should anyone be tempted. It has one year of Apple care+ left on it. Will come with the box, new charger (cable and wall plug), and new headphones.
I can send pics in the evening if you PM me.