Apple releases official battery cases for the XS, XS Max and XR

Anyone getting one?

I can’t say I need it - I always get a full day out of the XR.

Can’t say I need it yet since battery is pretty good. However, in future I will probably get one when battery gets worse.
Or if a tattoo studio has no plug points :wink:

Absolutely buying this. I’m a huge fan of the integration that the previous Smart Battery Cases have had with iOS and this one supporting USB-PD and Qi wireless charging means the high price is worth it for me.

My iPhone lasts all day most days but needs just a bit of help on long convention or travel days. :battery:

So… what about AirPower or the new AirPods with the wireless charging case?


I’ve almost never needed to charge a battery while out on an iPhone - and that includes when using it for watching video/streaming audio for a couple of hours on the tube, or playing Ingress.

The only times I do are when I’ve had a long day, or forgot to charge it the previous night :frowning:

Either way, I always have a battery pack with me - so I’m not interested in cases :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just took a quick look, and it actually looks quite good… but it’s so damn expensive - and it doesn’t tell you the mAh value either…

I’m interested to know how it changes the charging display on the iPhone though.


I believe the standard battery indication shows the battery level of the iPhone.
The case will always prioritise keeping the phone at 100%, case drains first then iPhone. Not sure if it charges in reverse?

The battery level of the case is then show in control centre similar to AirPods.

Surely keeping the iPhone battery at 100% will reduce the lifespan of the iPhone battery? Seems like a bad idea - unless it’s using just enough current to maintain the level.

And yeah, just read that. The same place my headphones and Apple Watch battery levels appear, I’m guessing.

I didn’t think that was so much of a concern with newer batteries, draining it repeatedly was worse? In the same way you no longer need to drain your device to 0% before charging it up again.

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I’ve heard so much conflicting information it’s really confusing.

I generally keep my phone on charge constantly anyway (though I deliberately use the 1A charger for that), when not using it, but it would be nice to get some clarification there.



I just tend to follow what apple say on their site:

I recently got a wireless charger at work so my phone is usually between 95 and 100% for 3/4 of each 24hr window.

Me too. I just charge whenever it’s convenient.

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Haven’t seen that site before, though I did understand about charge cycles.

It’s actually quite easy to reduce charge cycles - I’ve had my MBP since September 2016, and it’s cycle count is at 332… though not quite sure how to put that into context.

(Apple state that the MBP battery should retain at least 80% of it’s capacity at 1000 cycles)

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