Cant log in on app

I have been kicked out of the app and can no longer log back in.
It now doesn’t recognise my number with my card so I cannot do any transactions or see my balance etc.

There seems to be quite a few posts reporting this recently.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

You shouldn’t need to enter your number only your email

Make sure you are using the log in part and not the sign up part
Check you are using the email you signed up with as well

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This is definitely happening a lot. When I recommended Monzo to my mother she got confused on the first screen too.

I wonder if this is something Monzo need to take another look at. Perhaps with two very clear buttons: Existing User or New User for example?
I think Log In and More Information is too ambiguous, a new user will think they will want to select log in.


I have deleted and re downloaded the app and I still get the same issue. Using my email address for the app and then my mobile. I simply get the message saying sorry we couldn’t verify your number. I have been using the app prior to this for a number of months and have had no issues till about two days ago.

It should never ask you for your mobile number when you log in. You are going through the new user flow.
If you’re an existing user make sure you find the log in button and it will ONLY ask for your email address. Once you enter this it will send a log in link to your email. You click on that on your phone and your app will be signed in :+1:

Make sure you are logging in and not accidentally trying to set up a new account

What @don_quixote said. Are you sure you’re not trying to set up a new account? It shouldn’t be asking for a phone number to log in.

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I’ve just checked on my iPhone, by logging out, and I’d say it was pretty clear already.

There’s a large blue button with ‘Log in’, and underneath blue text which says ‘Find out more’. There is no point at which ‘Log in’ and ‘Create an account’ are next to each other.

I think it’s this “Find out more” bit that is confusing. Find out more about what? It should say new user or register.

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It’s not confusing if I am already a customer, and directly above that is a large ‘Log in’ button.

What do you think ‘Find out more’ means when you go to log back in? Why don’t you click it every time?

I’m just speculating.
Personally I don’t find it confusing, but then I’m a forum user and quite techy, so maybe my opinion is biased.
The issue of people logging in the wrong way appears quite often on this forum, so there must be a subset of users who are finding it confusing.
Having a little think of how it could be simplified or improved is no bad thing :blush:

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It was improved, in my opinion, by splitting away ‘Create an account’ from the log in screen, achieved by the ‘Find out more’ option which leads away from logging in and is obviously for new users.

Perhaps when the OP comes back and explains how they came to be on a screen asking for a phone number, when this isn’t required for logging in, will we know in this case how design has or has not helped, or if a technical fault was to blame. But presumably the app reports back to Monzo what is clicked, so only Monzo is best placed to analyse this data to make improvements anyway.

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I also did the same and thought it was fairly clear but I believe this is the third person in about a week that I’ve seen with this exact issue.

I’m on android

Is it possible it is different on IOS?

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When I re download the app I click on the log in. It the prompts my email which I enter, I then receive the link from my email which after I click prompts me to then put my number in on the app that I want to associate with the account. I am not sure whether it no longer connects the two or what the issue is but I cannot log in any other way and have tried this numerous times and redownloaded the app numerous times. This is on IOS by the way.

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Ooh in which case that is a weird one. Are you absolutely sure you’re using the same email address you originally signed up with?
If so then I’d suggest dropping Monzo an email or ringing the number on the back of the card :+1:

Would you send a screenshot of the screen you use before you enter your email. Potentially with the button you hit highlighted

Just curious if IOS looks different

Do just triple check it is definitely the email address you signed up with