Login help needed

Hi, I’ve downloaded the app numerous times now, every time I try to log into it it says my telephone number is already in use. How do I resolve this or find contact details for a human being at Monzo to speak to. It’s putting me off using them before I’ve even started :woman_shrugging:

It would seem mobile networks recycle phone numbers faster than Monzo purge them from their databases. Try calling 0800802128.


Have you ever had a monzo account before or started an application?

Thx and I appreciate that but I’ve had the same number for years. I will call the number you’ve given. :+1:t2:

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No, and when I first tried to set it up it just kept flashing up and error message. So nit sure if it did actually set up an account linked to my number or not. Either way it won’t let me log in.

Whatever the cause, the only way to a resolution is to contact Monzo. I hope they get it fixed for you.

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Thank you.

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