Phone died unable to login to app on another device

HI All

my phone has completely died and i’ve tried logging in to the app on an ipad but when i click the magic email it says to launch monzo on mobile device which i can’t

ive emailed customer support and been trying to ring them all morning

any help?


Welcome to the forum,

Can you try copy and pasting the link from the email into safari,

Also are you using a third party email client?

You can keep track of your finances on for the time being, then I assume you’re already in the process of getting a new phone?

How long will it take for it to be delivered? If it is only for a few days I personally wouldn’t bother trying to get the app to work on an iPad as it’s not officially supported.

I’ve just tried tapping the magic link on my iPad, and it’s logged me in as expected. Are you requesting the link from Monzo app running on the iPad, and are you using the built in iPadOS Mail app?