BT Scam Alert

Just got this SMS message, cant be genuine as I logged into myBT and all my bills have been paid with no problems.

Well, that and the fact that immediately sounds super dodgy as a web address, as they already have


Seems to redirect to on Chrome :thinking:

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That’s chrome being smart enough to recognise the site is fraudulent and redirecting the visitor to the correct website! :slight_smile:


I’ve reported the site to Google so no clue if that has had any impact.

Are you sure or are you just landing on the scammers fake site? is not a real BT address. I would encourage you to report it to

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I used Chrome and it’s an obvious (to me) fake BT login site. Does look pretty similar to the genuine one so plenty of people are going to be fooled. There’s one basically exactly the same going around for EE too.

It’ll limit it from showing up in google search results at the very least, and users will warned if they do click on it, but it can take Google a few days. It would be better to report it to their registrar and their hosting provider, as well as to BT as @Eden suggested.

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How do these buggers know which network I’m on?

They don’t need to. Some people will fall for it.

Now flagged on Chrome…

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It can possible to identify which network a mobile number belongs to from the first 5 digits.

BT mobile numbers typically start with 07520 1, for example.

Before number portability I would have agreed with you. Now, with large numbers of folk moving their number between networks I don’t think it can be a reliable indicator.


Of course, but I’d argue that it’s still an effective method for fraudsters to narrow down potential victims.

It doesn’t really matter to the scammer. They’ll send the same message to thousands of numbers, hundreds of which may be ported. But all they care about is the tiny percentage who are tricked into falling for the scam.


Exactly my thinking!

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Huh strange. It did initially redirect to the legit website. Now it shows a warning and if you bypass it it shows the phishing website :man_shrugging:

The senders number is usually fake anyway.

I had the same for EE a week or two ago.
Forwarding the message to 7726 reports it to the network, and then they ask you for details of the sender

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