My sister has just been sent this

I’ve told her always to log into your main account through the correct address, not something like this:

https :// . php

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What’s this link that I don’t want to click on?

That’s what she was sent in a msg - goes to this:

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Who should spam like this be reported to, if anyone?

Ah, I see! Check on a Whois site who the provider is and report it to them

I’d also report it to Barclays

Not sure if Action Fraud would do anything if nobody has been frauded


This is for emails, but I’ve sent them URLs from SMS messages in the past:

(I’ve never had a reply, but I assume something happens in the background).


Namecheap are hosting the site so I’d report it to


sadly I wouldn’t bother… I’ve reported dozens of these to Namecheap they don’t do anything about it

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I’ve reported something similar to Barclays previously via email using:

This address is also listed here: What do I do if fraud affects something other than my card or account? | Barclays

I always figure it can’t do any harm informing who’s been impersonated so they can build up their intelligence and pursue themselves if they so choose.

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Thanks everyone, I’ve forwarded your replies on to her. Fingers crossed nothing has actually happened.

You can report spam SMS messages to 7726.

ETA: link to more info