Fake Website

Hi everyone so ive just noticed a fake site that is pretending to be Vodafone uk please beware
I noticed it was a scam by saying my Vodafone account was locked and then it asked for my card details including account number. the website is at the bottom so use all can see it please everyone be careful when online or on your phone



There’s quite a few of these around (thousands) that will phish for your details and fool you into ID theft. Be careful.


Link just forwards to Google for me.

A good thing to note for next time is that the company name is wrong, it has an ‘s’ on the end. Then secondly it has .xyz that follows it. This generally isn’t normal - I’d be expecting .co.uk or .com :slight_smile:

I think it does that cause I reported it but could u do me a favour Ordog

It depends on what the favor is :stuck_out_tongue: but sure, ask away :slight_smile:

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They programmed it that a used session ID gets forwarded to Google, probably to help mitigate spam reports by users.

can u go on to google type in the bar my Vodafone and see what the first link is

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Yeah no problem.

Results may vary per person and I have an ad blocker so I won’t see paid for ads at the top. Here is a screenshot:

see when I type that in that aint what comes up on my screen what comes up is a link to my Vodafone but using that site I uploaded

Does it come up as an advertisement?

Vodafones .xyz

Coz 1 Vodafone isn’t enough

Can you post a screenshot of what you see and that will tell us if it is paid for like @kolok suggested?

I cant im on my laptop and it says ad next to it but then says Vodafone uk
ive noticed it only shows up on Microsoft edge it don’t show up on chrome

There should be an option to report the advert, see if there’s an ‘i’ or little ∆ next to the word ad.

Yep you’re right.

The domain that is listed in the results forwards to the .xyz domain that the OP listed. When I visit the site though, my free AVG antivirus software blocks it. Don’t you have any antivirus or firewall software setup on your computer?

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yh I do have mcafee

It’s bing :-1:

Needs to be reported here: https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-gb/resources/policies/report-spam-form

I’ve done it now and they claim it will be reviewed in 3-4 working days :crossed_fingers:

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thanks mate I also reported it saying there pretending to be Vodafone uk mobile

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Make sure to click the ad to cost them money

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Ordog thanks for helping me