Phantom refunds

I tried to use my debit card (v2) in Tesco this morning three times (two Contactless, 1 chip) and it said payment not processed.

I am aware of the outage after reporting via in app support.

Within the last hour I got three phantom refunds from Tesco for the amount I spent, but wasn’t even charged in the first place???

I reported this via in app support but just wondering if anyone else had this issue? Not sure if it’s a glitch with Monzo (meaning they’d loose money) or whether Tesco decided to send me a nice little gift… :joy:

I had something similar happen for a TFL transaction & another user has reported this in the developer’s Slack channel

so it’s clearly a bug to do with today’s outage :slight_smile:

As some users will have noticed I have been closing topics that’re reporting bugs to do with the current accounts because of this note, in the category’s description -

but since you’ve made it clear that you’ve reported this via the chat, I’ll leave it open for now, until the team ask us to do otherwise.


Assumed so. I’ll make sure I don’t touch this lovely money then :pensive:

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Tesco…“every little helps”


I’m curious, did these refunds affect your overall account balance? :sweat_smile:

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Yes. But even though the original transactions were declined, the amount had been deducted from the user’s balances. So the credits restored the balance to the correct amount.


I can’t remember if it did for me or not :joy:

UPDATE: OK, from my calculations it seems it just returned the money to my balance that was actually taken without me noticing :see_no_evil:

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