Debited Twice

Has anyone else experienced their accounted being debited twice for the same thing? I have put the transactions into dispute but I have had four transactions debited from my account twice over the last two days

I’d probably contact Monzo via live chat to see if they can see anything wrong on their end.

thanks for responding -
theres a live chat?? do you know how I get onto that?

Go to the Help section and search for ‘Contact us’. There’s a link to open live chat in there.

Was it Tesco?

There’s a support chat but, to be clear, it’s not a live chat.

No - i have just read all the chat around Tesco, it was Virgin Games, Jackpot Joy etc… Firstime its happened to be fair but £80 at stake

thanks - thought i was being thick - I could find the live chat :rofl: