Personal Loans problem

Currently making the full switch to monzo and have applied for a personal loan with Admiral. The online application doesn’t recognise monzo sort code. Neither do their call centres or front line staff. I was transferred higher up and informed that IT are aware of it but it didn’t seem to be a huge priority to them.

Basically if I didn’t have the Halifax account still open in the switching process I’d not be able to get this loan.

Has anyone come across similar problems with other lenders? I’d hate to be turned down for a better mortgage rate because I switched before Monzo was established enough. Strongly considering stopping the switch before it’s to late.

(After reading the below replies my expectations have been adjusted and I am more comfortable with the teething problems I might experience. Still going ahead with the full switch and looking forward to it)

Hi @phillips1981,

There is a list of sorts on Merchants & Banks Who Don't Yet Recognise the Monzo Current Account Sort Code / Debit Card (open Wiki) , but I believe if you email with as many details as possible they will follow it up.

I can’t say I’ve hit any major problems myself.


Email the details to but basically it’s up to Admiral to update their sort code tables.

Also still good idea to keep a high street bank account open for times like this

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Thanks guys. I’ve added it to the WiKi and emailed

I’ll see if I can keep the Halifax one open in some form.


Do you really want to get the loan and pay interest to a company who has no idea what they’re doing?

They came high if not the top pick for low apr on a comparison site.

They were the first one I tried and it didn’t work. Not the greatest start for my switch. After reading the wiki this isn’t an isolated incident. I understand this isn’t a Monzo issue but it is something that people should be aware of if like me they are making a full switch.


Surprising I have an admiral dd using y Monzo account for home insurance

Wonder if Admiral would have problems if you set up your repayments on your Halifax account and CASSed a switch to Monzo. You’d have done nothing wrong…

That’s actually what I did. It was early enough in the switch for the loan to go through before my Halifax account is closed. I can see the Admiral direct debit has been added to my Monzo account in this switching process.

I was told on the phone it was an IT problem their end (guessing they haven’t updated their loan systems to support our sort code)

I’ve added it to the WiKi. (There are lots of companies on the list)

As I said above without the Halifax account this loan wouldn’t have been available to me through the website. The front line call centre staff didn’t know about it and just said it must be a bank they don’t lend to. It was only when a manager phoned me back that he said it was an IT problem that they are aware of. Maybe at this stage I could have gone through with it (maybe) but that’s a lot of hassle for what should be a very simple online application.

Now I know about the teething problems I can adjust my expectations.

Hopefully this will be useful to others.