Pending transactions incoming and outgoing

I have recently made the move from first direct to Monzo for my current account (I had a Monzo account already but hadn’t used it as my main account until now). One think I liked about the first direct app is that it showed the next days pending transactions both incoming and outgoing. Is this something Monzo could do?

I found this with one of my legacy banks too, I’d get a text or notification that I needed to put a bit more into my account to cover a DD or payment coming out.

Having just switched this week, I’m not sure if this is something Monzo do. I hope so.

Monzo notifies you the day before if you haven’t got enough money in your account for a DD due the next night (as they’re processed at 2am).

However, the notification only checks once, I believe sometimes in the morning, so if you have got enough money by then but suddenly spend it during the day you won’t get notified, so it still needs some work.


It’s planned for upcoming transactions (i.e. committed spend) to show in the feed ahead of time :soon:


I have to say this is the only thing stopping me from going full switch to Monzo. I find it invaluable to know exactly what is coming in and going out.

Would be great if you got a feed item along with the notification - I always forget later in the day.

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This is coming soon, as in this sneak peak


Are these predicted based on previous transactions or actual confirmed pending transactions?

We predict based on the previous transaction, but update the amount when we get told about it (about 24h before it due to go out, this only applies to direct debits). And we try to avoid predicting the unpredictable like Amex payments.

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