Notifications should take incoming payments into account

Wasn’t sure whether to post this as a bug or to just vent my annoyance at this.

I keep my main account balance pretty low as that is my general spending money, while money for bills and other things are shovelled away into pots. I know when direct debits are due out, and I have scheduled withdrawals set up to cover them.

However, Monzo’s notifications are a bit dumb:

This notification is entirely unnecessary because when you look at my feed for tomorrow, you can see that everything is fine:

So, can we get a bit more intelligence into the logic of when these notifications get sent out? I get at least one a week.


100% agreed. It’s very annoying getting an “OMG overdraft tomorrow” when a pot transfer is scheduled that covers the entire payment. It has happened several times a month for me in the past, now it’s usually once a month (towards the end :rofl:)

The “committed spending” pot that’s being thrown about internally will hopefully deal with this. I’ve seen it on internal builds and in some screenshots on the forum, but it’s been a while since it was in testing. I wonder if there’s something not working with it…

I’m not holding my breath for the committed spend pot. I mean, my weekly salary is still a totally alien concept to the Summary tab despite many uses of the :soon: emoji.


I’d completely forgotten about Sheilas’ Wheels!


Oh nice. Never had two at the same time before.

Note: I get paid tomorrow and it’s in my feed.


Mentioned this before it’s down to timing, they should set the notification to show at 9am, as by that time all incoming transactions actually show in the next day feed

Just to weigh in, this feature is one of the very reasons I ditched TSB and went Full Monzo so I wouldn’t want them to tinker too much with it.

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One of


This forum is harder work than it used to be.


it’s just a feature to reminds people of a bill coming out the next day and you don’t have enough money to cover the payment, it’s a nice feature and it’s not everyone who keeps on top of thier payments and do forget, like myself and a lot of others we have bills payed and SO come out on payday if possible and they should have a toggle to turn this notification off

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No, I know what the feature is for – I’m asking that it be improved so that unnecessary notifications aren’t sent out when Monzo knows that the balance on the following day will cover the payments.

The first sentence is enough in my opinion. You either then dismiss it knowing you have it covered or it reminds you to open Monzo and shift some money over from a pot.

Or, OR, Monzo could not send the notification out at all when they know I have incoming payments to cover the outgoings - which is what I’m asking.

Thanks for the feedback regarding notifications everyone! :hot_coral_heart:

Out of interest, for those that think we send too many notifications, are there any particular notifications that you like to receive? Like instant notifications from card payments? And if there’s none, how can we make it easier to turn notifications off within the app?

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Hey there

I think the notifications are great and very useful - I just think the particular notification type I highlighted above is unnecessary. By all means warn me if I really won’t have the balance to cover my outgoings, but in all these cases above I will have the balance.

I just wanted these warnings to be a bit smarter and look at incoming payments before warning me.


The issue is the notification saying “you’re going overdrawn” when Monzo clearly know that I’m not. It’s a lie. That’s it.

Gotcha! So these notifications are useful but the logic behind them is broken :ok_hand:


Exactly :dart:

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All that needs to be done is to send the “Not enough funds in account” after 9am :wink:

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Yep, notifications are what made mobile banking the draw that it is. A little refinement perhaps…

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