Pending transaction timescale?

Apologies if this in in the wrong forum or even the wrong place!
I tried to place an order last Thursday October 12 online in US. The transaction declined but a pend hold was put on the amount does anyone know when this will be released approximately? When I click into the payment for more information it still says pending.

I think it’s normally 7 days but if you ask in app the support team can look into it for you and maybe do an instant refund back to your account :slight_smile:


If the merchant was actually competent and had decent systems they would be able to release the hold immediately as soon as the transaction was cancelled on their side. However they’re lazy and didn’t bother implementing that, relying instead on the fact that banks automatically release authorisations after some time.

If you get in touch with in-app support and some proof that the transaction was cancelled/refunded they’ll be able to manually release the authorisation right away. Note that the merchant will still be able to settle the transaction (as an offline transaction which will go through even if your balance isn’t sufficient) if they want to so make sure the merchant actually cancelled your order to avoid any nasty surprises.