How long is the standard for pending holds to be released + what happened to support?

Hey guys,

I made a flex payment (directly using the card) on an amazon purchase which was subsequently cancelled before shipping as they’d fudged up the delivery dates, naturally the funds are still pending and showing up in my flex as something to be paid off.

What’s the currently estimated time frame for these to be released? and the balance to go back to nothing owned, currently sitting at around 7.5 days since the purchase, previously when I’ve just used my normal current account the hold has released almost immediately or at most 24 hours.

And side note as I’ve contacted support to ask these questions, has something changed wherein they’re no longer as helpful or responsive? I seem to be getting the same copy and pasted loop of messages that makes me wonder if I’m talking to a bot :joy:

Thanks guys, Happy Christmas!

Flex or normal card make no difference.

It’s 7 working (I think) days or could be 30 days.

Is it definitely still pending?

Thanks Revels,

So guessing I’m somewhere in the magical region of somewhere between now and 30 days from when the transaction was created :sweat_smile:As long as it comes back before the first flex payment is supposed to be made I’m happy, I’d rather not be spending money towards something I don’t even have

In my experience, 30 days with Monzo. On the dot. Never sooner. You can ask for them to reimburse you earlier if you can provide proof from the merchant that they’ve either voided it or won’t come to collect, but that can also depend on the support agent you get.

I don’t think it’s a bot. Just humans with a highly automated process for providing customer support and they almost never veer off script.

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Much appreciated thankyou! Be fair this is the first time in many years It’s never been near instant so maybe I’m too used to the good things :sweat_smile:

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And this is why, whilst I welcome a step towards normal credit card behaviour, I’m always hesitant to use Flex because of how it treats (most everyday) pending transactions.

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It drops off automatically at either 7 or 30 days. As it hasn’t dropped off at 7 then it will be 30.

Have you asked the hotel if they can void it for you? They may have already done it as voids don’t always work, but in case they haven’t that’s something that can be tried.

I’ll give them credit that this is the first time I’ve experienced a hold from a cancelled before dispatch amazon order, normal refunds are fairly close to instant give or take a couple of hours

It’s an amazon order that was cancelled prior to shipping, so no money will actually be collected, it’s just held ‘in case they did’, the downside of course is that it’s flex, If it takes 30 days that should still put be before the first payment. Which I’ll obviously make anyways as I assume the refund would credit back payments made towards it

Amazon can still technically void the auth, although it’s Amazon so they probably already did that automatically. Voids should refund instantly, they just don’t always work so it leaves you waiting for it to drop off.

I did get in touch with them and they say that it should all be sorted so guess it’s a waiting game, they did give me the transaction ID and auth code though

Small update, We just hit the 8th day (Merry Christmas UK folks) and it auto-released the hold about 10 minutes ago :tada:

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Just in time for the big day! :partying_face:

Merry Christmas!