How to plan ahead with Monzo

Yesterday, we added Standing Orders to the upcoming payments you’ll see at the top of your feed.

So now, Monzo gives you the full picture of what’s coming up. Here’s how to use these features together to plan ahead and stay in control of where your money’s going.


How does this work - is it based on historic transfers? As far as I was aware, these were instant, and as such you wouldn’t have any information about them before they arrived…



I also wondered this.
The article also states they wouldn’t highlight anything as “TOMORROW” etc unless they were 100% sure it would happen.


Aha :joy: I was just chatting about this over on Slack :yum: Super curious to see what they mean by this, I didn’t think it was possible to show an FPS transaction in advance - considering the fast nature of the scheme :eyes:

Fingers crossed for some further insight into this :crossed_fingers:

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I’m going to presume it’s a typo :slight_smile:


they delay FPS by a day so they can show you it’s on its way :joy:


This is one of the best things about Monzo. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it spotted that I would go overdrawn over a month before it happened. I was able to call in some money I’d lent to someone, and was even able to tell them there was no rush - they had nearly a month to pay me back. HSBC would send me a text once a week to show me that I was already overdrawn, and they’ve had over 150 years to come up with something better.



How about updating the pulse graph to show this info plus predicted salary info. Here’s a mock up I did with identifiers for predicted bills


My standing orders aren’t showing at top of feed but my direct debits are? :man_shrugging:

Yeah is there a certain time of the day these show up at @cookywook?

Today is my payday so I have a number of SOs set for tomorrow and none are showing as upcoming with the exception of one regular pot SO that happens every day :face_with_monocle:

Direct debits are usually 8/9am I think

So you’d have thought similar time

I’ve a number of standing orders for tomorrow but still nothing, is this definitely rolled out :joy:?

BACS Direct Credit is at 1am.

BACS Direct Debit and Standing Orders are at 2am, and Direct Debit retries the same day.

We’re talking about appearing in your feed for the next day…


While the date/time options are generally ignored when you make personal transfers (because Gotta Go Fast ), FPS supports scheduled payments and this is a useful feature for things like payroll, where you can get everything sorted in advance whithout giving up the ability to make all payments at the same time as without having to send everything in one all-or-nothing batch.

Tomorrow’s Standing Order has appeared at the usual mid-morning time that DDs are normally previewed. It could have arrived at 9 I wasn’t watching for it.

So any word on why this isn’t working yet @cookywook?

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Update: Can now see this :tada:

Must have been fixed and put into this weeks release

Yup, same here :duck:

Wahoo :tada: