Pending direct debits via Open Banking

I’ve moved my everyday banking from HSBC back to Monzo and just noticed that I’m not seeing pending direct debits in connected apps like Emma and Money Dashboard. Do Monzo not make this information available via Open Banking?

I was using Monzo with Emma last year but can’t remember whether pending direct debits showed or not…

If it’s a recent move they might not have picked up the trend? Solely guessing here.

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I don’t think it has to pick up a trend - Monzo know that a direct debit has been requested and therefore show it as pending the working day before. Either that pending transaction is included in the list of transactions returned via Open Banking or it isn’t. At the moment, it doesn’t appear to be being returned when transactions are requested.

HSBC made pending transactions available via Open Banking - in fact, you could see pending transactions via Open Banking that you couldn’t yet see in their own app! I’m pretty sure now that Monzo did, too, when I had direct debits coming out last year.

Monzo shows them in app 3 days before, maybe even 4 - not sure if that’s based on predicted or actual bacs, which only has a 3 day cycle.

Wouldn’t even be sure who to ask on this one.

I’ve only ever seen them shown the day before during the week, Friday if the DD is coming out on Monday and on Saturday if it’s coming out on the following Tuesday.

Anyway - I have some more due this Friday so I’ll see what happens with those.

Incidentally, pending incoming BACS transfers are showing via Open Banking.

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