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So I’m in a pickle and I was hoping anyone with payroll / BACS experience can give advice. Sorry, it’s a long-winded post…

I’ve changed job as of 7th August (I’m a doctor, that’s changeover day) and I’m expecting my last pay from my old trust for 1st - 6th August alongside some overtime tomorrow. I checked online for my payslip and there’s been an error and I’m being paid a whole month’s pay as payroll/HR weren’t notified about me leaving.

I’ve contacted payroll who put a “stop BACS” request to Monzo yesterday and advised I see if Monzo can reject the payment their end too. Once they can see it’s not been collected they’ll recalculate my correct pay.

I reached out to Monzo yesterday who said they can’t see the BACS payment, so to recontact them today if it appears on my feed ready for payday tomorrow. It’s appeared and now Monzo are saying they cannot reject it when I was given the impression they could, but just had to wait until it’s visible to them.

I’ve called payroll again who said the “stop BACS” was sent to my bank (Monzo) yesterday and they should have received it so they can reject the payment.

I’m now stuck as both parties are saying the other need to sort it.

My worry is that it’ll hit my bank account and I’ll have to pay my employer the gross income amount back. I’ll never see my PAYE/NI/pension/student loan payments ever again (which total about £1800 as I’ve a backlog of overtime I’ve been owed) and will seriously be out of pocket.

Any advice?

Not massively helpful, but worst case scenario you would be paying back the net amount, not gross. The deductions are never paid out to you. Ultimately they’ve made the mistake and will be able to correct all that.


As above, I saw an issue where an employee was paid 10x their usual salary by mistake one month. The amount landed in their account, but they just sent the money back and the Payroll team sorted everything out with HMRC.

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My wife had something similar happen last time she switched hospitals. In the end she just ended up having to pay back the overpayment, which was frustrating. Give HMRC a ring if you’re worried about overpayment of PAYE/NI etc.

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Okay, that puts my mind at ease. I’ve had one colleague on the past have a scenario where they were asked to pay the gross income back.

I’ve chatted again to payroll and they seem chilled out thankfully and are saying they’d only want my net income back and will do the calculations their end to correct things with HMRC

It’s an annual headache! There’s always a cock-up with pay when moving between trusts.

A lot of the time because I don’t receive a P45 and we rotate mid way through a pay cycle

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It’s ridiculous! She’s moved between departments WITHIN the same hospital before, and payroll somehow managed to still cock up

The rogue paycheck money has been paid into my bank account despite my employer putting a BACS reversal / stop in place :roll_eyes:

I can’t tell if this is a cock up their end or Monzo’s end. My employer are blaming my bank, Monzo’s blaming my employer.

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