PayPoint Shops don’t know how to process cash deposits

(Elliot ) #128

Tell them you want to top up your pre-pay card, all they have to do is swipe the black bar bit and enter the amount. The notification should come through instantly.

I’ve found most paypoint stores feel more comfortable with that language because it looks like you’re simply going abroad or something - or a form of top-up as with gas and electricty which most places are more familiar with.

Hope this helps in tthe future :wink:

(Simon) #129

Was earlier in the thread I had an issue with a newsagents:
1st time i explained how it worked and all worked fine
2nd time they charged me 50p for doing it
3rd time they refused and stated they won’t top up a monzo card anymore and I should try coop.
I let both monzo and paypoint know of the situation.
Waiting till till my friend has his monzo card and going to get him to try, paypoint has said they have contacted the store so their should be no more issues, but I feel if I try again they know who I am (I asked for their terminal number etc.).


Perhaps everyone at Monzo who thought PayPoint was a good idea had never used PayPoint before.

(Leon) #131

People on here at the time was saying that the Post Office was a better option for many reasons but Monzo decided differently. :man_shrugging:


Helpful to share knowledge - so thank you.

But, I would argue we shouldn’t have to do this. They should know. And it just goes to show that Paypoint isn’t the right solution.

I’m sure there are many amazing stores out there. But it only takes a minority to ruin it. Charging extra, refusing to do it, having to explain how - all makes for a very bad experience.


I sometimes think folk are being a wee bit unfair here. Look at it from the shops point of view

  • they get very little money from PP for the transaction
  • the person depositing the money may well not actually ever actually buy anything in the shop
  • the shop has the extra worry of holding excess cash in the till, and getting the excess cash to the bank
  • the bank will then charge them for depositing the cash

Seems to me that for the shop it’s a whole lot of hassle for zero return.


I think people are more critical of Monzo for using a method that isn’t able to be implemented as slickly as Monzo can be.

Equally, if a shop feels PayPoint is a lot of hassle for zero return, then they need to remove PayPoint. They shouldn’t provide a service they don’t want to use and it isn’t good to have a product which doesn’t enhance your business.

(Rob) #135

Whilst I don’t disagree, they should take that up with PayPoint, it should not be our problem.

(Nick) #136

In that case, the shop should cancel their contract with Paypoint and stop providing the service. But until they do, they should provide a substandard service or extort money from people wishing to use the service. Customers shouldn’t have to make allowances for having a crap experience with Paypoint.

(Kieren) #137

Let’s be a bit more pro-active and constructive about this, bearing in mind Monzo will now have entered into a contract for a period of time, you list the merchant so that Monzo can take it up with Paypoint to address.

To facilitate such an idea, maybe Monzo could create an email address of for people to report such merchant top up issues to - obviously something a bit catchier than topupissues@ as the address though…


I am - by discussing my disassisfaction.

We shouldn’t shy away from calling out negatives here. And this is a big one. While I acknowledge others have had positive experiences, plenty have not, and I’m not willing to try Paypoint with my money.

I’m sorry but negatives should not be seen as not being constructive. It’s not.

(Elliot ) #139

The only reason I do this is because most of the staff have been trained to “top-up” various cards via paypoint so seem to feel more comfortable and confident carrying out the transaction.

I can completely understand where they are coming from though; I doubt many have heard people ask to deposit cash via paypoint (possible red flag 1), then there’s a bit of confusion as to how they do this as there’s no direct button (possible red flag 2), and then they see your bright coral card - which might be a conversation starter but also another possible red flag.

When you combine this with the fact that they’ll be liable for any losses, you can imagine why some staff who don’t directly own the stores get a bit worried and refuse (easier to say no and sorry to the customer than try to explain it to your boss).

I use my method because it seems to be what staff have been trained to do. Not sure who the responsibility belongs to as to how you should retrain the staff; Monzo? Paypoint? Or the individual stores?
Seems a bit of a difficult one to overcome.

(Simon) #140

Yeah I agree staff may be scared etc if high volumes of cash, forgeries etc.
However in my example the guy took great delight in telling me he was the owner and gave me terminal number.
I get the impression (maybe wrongly) that it isn’t the first time the shop had refused to do paypoint and he wasn’t really bothered if I reported it.


Personally think Monzo shouldn’t have gone with them in the first place - but I can honestly see why they did. So no blame, really.


Or better yet pick a service which is known for banking deposits, like pretty much every other bank has done i.e. the post office where they do this day in day out and is not primarily a bill payment service.

(Kieren) #143

I am trying to be constructive here - the contract has been entered into; yes Monzo need to change to provider, but that isn’t possible until the current contract ends - unless PayPoint/Monzo failed to include an exclusivity clause :wink:


We have no idea which is the case. So until we do, I think we may as well continue to register disassisfaction. Monzo is better than this, IMO.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #145

The shopkeeper won’t get sanctioned by PayPoint, though. Why should they?

The shopkeeper can serve, or refuse to serve, anyone. They’re not obliged to provide a service if they don’t wish to.

(Elliot ) #146

Hence the “top-up” tip, before they know what’s happening you’ve already added funds to your account. Although I’ve never added more than £151 at a time (£1 for the fee, 50p to the store and 50p to paypoint as far as I can gather).

(Elliot ) #147

As a rural user, it’s actually way more convenient to use PayPoint - even if there is a fee compared to adding the funds to my Santander account in the post office then transferring to my Monzo. The mixture of more locations and better opening hours is a god sent to me personally.