PayPoint Deposit

Hey guys, I paid money into my account at a PayPoint location this morning, it was my first time and neither myself nor the cashier really knew what we were doing. She put my card into the PayPoint machine and read out, “Monzo MasterCard debit” from the screen so I confirmed that was the account, she then went on to ask how much and I paid the correct amount. I have a receipt stating this. Monzo app states I will see the money in 10 mins but it has been 20 and I am now starting to panic that I have lost my money, does anyone know of it taking longer than 10 mins? Do I need to go back to the store?

I’d suggest raising a discussion in the chat app with Support. They’ll be able to help - if you have the receipt, I recommend sending a picture of that along with the chat as well to help get the ball rolling.

They’ll be able to help you better than the forum can here.


I wouldn’t worry. Mine took a little longer than 10 mins. According to the website, it’s a simple check Monzo do between them and Paypoint. If you’re really worried, raise a chat support, but it’ll appear soon I’m sure!

So what happened?


Yeah, tell us what happened @DClark?
Did the money go in? How long did it take?
I’ve not used PayPoint yet, so I’m interested to know how you got on?

Hey guys, looked at my receipt shortly after writing the post and saw it said transaction void, I had read that the card had to be swiped so I went back to the cashier who gave me the money straight back. I asked if she could try again but with swiping the card, she did and I got a notification instantly to let me know that the money would arrive in my account in 10 mins. Thanks for all your suggestions!


Oh that’s good to hear :grinning:

I wonder if it can be made to prompt to swipe if inserted though. Seems like a common issue.

Glad everything is fine now :blush: