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Hi all. With apologies if this has been answered before but does anyone have any experience of using paypoint to credit your account ? I’m wondering how long it takes for the credit to appear in the app.

My local Co Op say they’ve done this previously without issues. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you.

According to in-app help, around 10 minutes;

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Thank you very much. I should of course have looked at the help section.
But again thanks for the reply. :+1:

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Remember, at the moment, if anyone else handles your card you should disinfect it afterwards.

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I used it for the first time recently. You get an immediate notification saying you’ve deposited cash, but the funds will clear ten minutes later.

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Thank you all for the replies. And yes as regards sanitising my card afterwards I’ll surely do that.

Stay safe guys.:wave:

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I’ve tried once and failed. The shop tried to do it manually and it didn’t work (Despite me telling them what they needed to do). Unfortunately was in a mobile black hole so didn’t get any helpful messages from Monzo (e.g. tell the cashier to swipe card). In a timely manner. They then said they couldn’t do deposits. It’s put me off trying again.


Well my local Co op say they’ve done it quite recently without a hitch so :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Yeah I’ve done mine in local co op plenty of times. Just get them to swipe the card, confirm amount & job done more or less.

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Oh I’m sure it will be absolutely fine. I just need to find a local store that knows what I’m talking about!

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Hi all. Having started this thread I thought I’d report back to say I went to my local Co op this morning with cash,gave it to the cashier along with my card . He swiped it took the cash and gave me a receipt. I got an immediate app notification and ten minutes later the money was in my account with the usual sound.
Totally painless! :+1:


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