PayPal won't accept Bank Accounts that are 'virtual'. Does that apply to Monzo?

So setting up a debit/credit card with PayPal works just fine. Setting up a bank account with PayPal error’s out.

I’m aware some merchants aren’t quite up to date with their sort-codes yet. Which is why I’ve reported the problem on their community forum here: PayPal Community Thread

I thought given the banking status, Monzo is no longer ‘virtual’. Is that correct?

That might be a temporary thing at their end? I managed to successfully add the CA to my Paypal account.

Not entirely sure what is meant by ‘virtual’ here but adding your card to PayPal is supported on both the Beta and CA cards. Connecting a bank account works with our current accounts.

I suspect by ‘virtual’ they mean pooled accounts that act like our Beta card top ups where the reference is required for all incoming transfers and Direct Debits are not supported.

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I’ve updated my Paypal account with my Monzo current account and debit card. No problems for me.

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Likewise, I have my Monzo bank account linked to PayPal, it was one of the first things I did upon receiving my card - It works with no fuss :slight_smile:

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My assumption is virtual accounts refers to potentially two things:

  1. accounts with an emoney institution rather than a bank

  2. Building societies and banks operating a common account with the customer number as a reference rather than individual account numbers per customer

I deleted my PayPal account, but paying through it as a ‘guest’ also works with a (prepaid) Monzo card.

On the subject of adding the Monzo CA to your Paypal, has anyone performed a withdrawal to the CA yet?

My Barclays receives a Paypal withdrawal in about 60 seconds, but my Santander takes a little over 24hrs to clear. Just wondered what its like for Monzo, my card hasnt arrived yet as there was an issue with the ordering system.

Takes seconds before I receive the Monzo notification of incoming payment - so no issues

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