Paypal transaction declined "Withdrawal exceeds your limit"

edit: to be clear, the decline is by monzo, not paypal.

As per the title really, a paypal transaction was declined with the reason “Withdrawal exceeds your limit”. If I try to get help with the transaction, it says that I have exceeded my ATM withdrawal limit. However, this is not an ATM withdrawal, it’s a paypal payment.

Some more context; I’m buying multiple items in one day, but unfortunately the vendor requires they are purchased individually. So, yesterday I bought 27 of them, but some were declined by paypal, while the majority went thought OK. The value of each transaction is around $6 USD.

I suspect the issue is actually with multiple transactions in a short time, which I understand, but ultimately this will be a recurring thing and I will need to be able to do this regularly.

Of course, I have contacted support, but it’s out of hours currently.

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Are you adding this money to your PayPal account first?

no, the decline message is from monzo, not paypal.

Support have been unable to help so far.

Support are open for Monzo at moment are you Monzo uk or USA?

UK. I did get a reply that someone would get back to me, then someone did get back to me with a question that I had answered already in my initial question to them. They then said that someone would get back to me, again.

What does your limits section say?

no limits have been reached, because the error is erroneous in itself.

support have got back to me, the issue is the number of transactions in a certain amount of time, despite the error message.

They’ve not been specific about the limit, how many transactions over what time period? I can then pass this info back to the vendor.

Monzo have also told me that there is nothing they can - obviously they can, but are unwilling to, for whatever reason.

Very disappointing.

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So the message was right in a way, the transaction exceeded a limit, albeit not so much about withdrawals.

I can understand that Monzo/Mastercard have a limit as to the number of repeated transactions you can have in a short space of time, it seems sensible to me to avoid a situation where a system is stuck in a loop and debiting you forever. No doubt commercial confidentiality will come into it somewhere, hence why they don’t want to say more.

TBH I’d wonder what the vendor is up to, insisting on 27 separate transactions rather than combine into one. That seems super dodgy.

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Internal anti fraud measures as well


The vendor is cloudflare. Quite a large company and definitely not dodgy.

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maybe, but in this case it wouldnt have solved that problem, as they declined 7 out of 27, and not the last 7, but “random”.

well no, the message was specific, it says withdrawal limit, and getting help with the transaction with in the app, it says ATM withdrawal limit. But it is not.

They could well be processing the transaction as an ATM transaction at their end.

Not sure why you’d do it that way… just a bank transfer for the whole amount makes more sense.