Payments to Amazon left account 5 days ago, still not returned. Please help as I need to make a purchase and need the money back

I had 3 orders with Amazon that were cancelled before dispatch and Amazon claim no payment was taken their end. These happened on Monday and still in my Monzo account it is showing that they payments have left my account. They say pending at the bottom of the transaction but I need to funds actually in my account to pay bills ASAP.

Can someone help?

I’m in the Uk for reference.

Can take up to 2 weeks as per the help article in app, that been said you could tap the transaction press the something’s wrong or whatever they call it and see if support can manually reverse it but it’s not a guarantee

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If you open the transaction, click 'something wrong" then click"question this payment" you may be given the option to reverse the transaction. If that doesn’t work you will need to speak to Monzo using in-app chat…

I looked for this chat option or a question payment option and for these 3 transactions it isn’t present . It is giving me options of ‘Dispute transaction’ , ‘Report fraud’ , and ‘How payments work’.

Not sure why on these options there is no question/chat option? The funds are definitely pending.

Any idea how I can get into the chat?

Try searching for contact in the help screens

Found the chat, thank you

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Sorry to seem blunt but if you needed the money for bills then why did you spend it on Amazon?

Circumstances changed hence the cancellation

That a bit personal, nothing to do with you or us !


You want to dispute the transaction right? So tap that option.

If you go direct to chat, expect it to take longer as they’ll need to gather all the transaction details and transfer you to the right people. Whereas it is done automatically the other way.

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